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Wade's Wiggly Antlers - a bookwrap

Meet Wade, an adorable little moose,
 who is going through a big change in his life.  He is experiencing growing pains and to-day's featured book is all about his body changing and him coping and adjusting to that milestone.


"Wade's Wiggly Antlers" 

Authored by Louise Bradford 
Illustrated by Christine Battuz

Ages 3-7

Unwrapping some illustrations for you...

About the book...

Everybody must grow up.  It's a simple biological fact.  Wade, an adorable little moose, found the whole process kind of nerve-racking.  One winter morning he detected a problem with his antlers. They wiggled, they wobbled and were very unstable.  He began to worry.  He needed those puppies!! What if his antlers fell off? How could he cope with them gone?  How would he play ping pong, and where would his friends perch if they were missing AND how in the world would he fly his kite?   He had to rack his brain to figure out how he would function without them.  Oh my! 

He hurried home to tell his mom about his dilemma and she calmly assured him:

"Don't worry.  New ones will grow in the summer."

The time finally arrived when Wade was de-racked.  Instead of feeling sad and forlorn he turned the milestone in his life into one of celebration and opportunity. He felt lighter and even freer...  YAHOOOO!!!!  He didn't have to worry at all.   He learned a very valuable lesson. Sometimes change can be a very good and exciting thing. 

The illustrations are so fun and kid-friendly.  This charming book is the perfect catalyst for conversations regarding body changes and how to cope with these changes as you grow up.  Wade inspires readers not to worry or despair but to embrace the natural events that occur in your life and to love yourself no matter what stage you are at.  

Storywraps rating:  5 Storywraps hugs!  

Maybe my talented Canadian authors/illustrators 

About the author...

I’m the author of Wade’s Wiggly Antlers, a children’s picture book coming in May 2017, published by Kids Can Press.

I wrote this story after a camping trip in Lake Superior Provincial Park, where I came across a little moose. After learning that male moose lose their antlers so bigger ones can grow — much like children lose their first teeth — I wondered how a young moose might feel when his antlers wiggled. Would he be worried? Would he be able to play?

Some of my other stories have been produced by CBC Radio and CBC Television, and published by the Canadian Authors Association. I am a two-time recipient of the Canada Council for the Arts Artists and Community Collaboration Grant for filmmaking workshops for youth-at-risk.

I was born and raised in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario and now live in Ottawa where I write speeches for grown-ups.

I am a member of the Writers Guild of Canada, CANSCAIP, the Canadian Children’s Book Centre and the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (Canada East).

About the illustrator...

Christine Battuz was born in France and received her Masters of Fine Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts of Perugia in Italy.

Christians has illustrated over sixty children’s books, and has taught art to children of all ages.

She loves camping near mountains and rivers - especially with her husband and their son.  She currently lives in Bromont, Quebec, Canada.

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