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I am NOT a Princess - a bookwrap

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Every little girl's dream is to dress up in fancy clothes, cover herself with sparkly jewels, slip into a pair of glass slippers and wait for her handsome prince to come and whisk her off to live happily ever after... right?  Today's book gives you a glimpse into the life of a beautiful princess and suggests perhaps being a princess is not all that's it's cracked up to be...


"I am NOT a princess!"  

Authored by Bethany Burt and Illustrated by Brenda McCallum

Ages  0-6 

Unwrapping some extraordinary  illustrations for you to enjoy...

About the book...

What little girl doesn't love to dress up in splendid clothes, adorn herself with glittery accessories and place a tiara on top of her curls?   After being inspired by a show she was watching on TV Eliza decides to transform herself into a breathe-taking, beautiful princess much like Cinderella. She knows that Princess's twirl and look glamorous and that they can't get dirty because they are too pampered and perfect to do that.  True? 

Princesses never want to do common things like ride bikes (disgusting), go shop for groceries (staff does that), play baseball with their brother (yuck can you imagine the dust on my jewels), help dad paint (don't even think about it) or bake cookies with mom, (tasty, but not gonna happen)... OOOOHHH  NNNOOOO... these beauties are too busy dancing and refreshing their makeup so they will look perfect every minute of the day.  

Eliza comes to the realization that being a princess is just plain boring... princesses don't do anything.. and doing nothing hinders her from engaging in an adventurous life with her family and friends, not to speak of having fun.  Oh my, that will never do!! She  decides then and there that she is definitely NOT a princess.  She dismantles her fancy garb, plunks her bicycle helmet on her curls and is out the door in a flash!!!  Life is meant to live to its fullest... and that's just what she intends to do.

This charming book touches on themes of play-acting and self-identity and the illustrations are just fabulous.  The colour pallet is "girly" and "princessy" and the actions and expressions are spot-on perfect.  I highly recommend this book to share with the little princess (or NOT) that may be living in your home.

Storywraps rating:   5+++ hugs!!!!!!!!

About the author...

Bethany Burt never wanted to be a princess. In fact she grew up a tomboy, in dirty jeans and t-shirts. As a young girl she loved climbing the enormous pine trees that surrounded her childhood home in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania and playing lots of sports. She missed the whole princess phenomenon entirely, that was until her daughter Eliza was born.

Eliza entered the world looking like a princess with rich dark hair and enormous brown eyes outlined by long eyelashes. She seemed to love all things princess from day one. As a toddler she often refused to wear anything but her Rapunzel gown, and much to her mom’s chagrin, enjoyed teetering around in precariously high, plastic, fake heels (princess shoes)!

Bethany, a concerned mother, began to worry and wonder about this princess obsession. Would Eliza always insist on princess finery? Would she learn to like to play sports?? Would she pin her hopes for a future on some pathetic unreliable prince???

Happily Eliza, now eight, has outgrown (with some gentle coaching) her princess dresses and shoes. She loves soccer, reading and anything art related.

Bethany Burt is the proud parent of two well-rounded and amazing kids. Her children have always served as inspiration for her stories, which she has written several more of. She has been an advertising, design and marketing specialist for over twenty years and is the owner of Nest Media Company, a marketing firm based in Vero Beach, Florida. Like her daughter she loves to write, draw, paint and bake cookies. 

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