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Daddy Long Legs - a bookwrap

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Authored by Nadine Brun-Cosme
Illustrated by Aurélle Guillerey

Ages 3-6

Unwrapping some fun illustrations for you to 

About the book...

This delightful little book gives reassurance and a "beyond-a-shadow-of-a-doubt promise", that Daddy will always come back and will always be there no matter what.

Daddy's old car sputters and groans as it is fired up for the daily kindergarten drop-off.  It's not sounding too healthy, it sounds like it has the hiccups.  Finally the motor begins to purr more evenly, his little guy Matthew is buckled snuggly inside, and they are off to school for drop off time.

When Daddy kisses his little son goodbye anxiety sets in.  Matthew needs to be consoled and asks what will happen if the car doesn't start again? 

"What if, this afternoon, the old green car doesn't start?
Daddy hesitates.  "If the car doesn't start..."

Daddy then proceeds to tell his beloved little worrywart that he will:  fetch him in the neighbour's big red tractor, or arrive in the paws of Martin, the lazy teddy bear that sleeps under Matthew's covers, or go and find all the birds in the trees and they will airlift him by the arms and fly him to school for that coveted pickup, or he will call on the big green dragon who blows into the heater all winter and with two flaps of his wings and three big leaps Daddy will be there to gather Matthew up and bring him safely home, just to name a few.  

No matter what it takes Daddy lovingly tells his little man that he  WILL be there... guaranteed!  

I love this charming story.  Having taught kindergarten I know the fears that lurk inside little ones' minds. What a perfect story to arrest those wiggly doubts and make it very, very clear, in words and pictures that kids can fully understand, that no matter what it takes... Daddy (or Mommy, or special Caregiver) IS coming back.  The book encourages kids to put those concerns aside, step confidently into their day, and concentrate on being happy.  Everything is going to turn out okay and that's a promise... pinky swear! 

About the author...

Nadine Brun-Cosme is the author of more than 20 popular novels and picture books for children. Her two Big Wolf and Little Wolf titles have sold over 60,000 worldwide. She lives in France.

About the illustrator...

Aurélie Guillerey is a youth illustrator.

She is a single child, a child, she invented stories, played piano at the conservatory. She studied at the Lycée in Applied Arts and then at the Arts Décoratifs in Strasbourg, where she studied with Claude Lapointe. She graduated in 1999. She followed her graphic designer husband in Rennes.

For her illustrations, she works with a graphic palette.
She creates items for La Marelle editions and also works for youth publishing, the press and theater companies.

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