Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Stocking stuffers wrap your mind around

Just to help you choose some "educational" stuffers to mix in with the candy and games stuffers is my focus today on Storywraps.  Here are some for you to consider...

1. Wikki Stix

Wikki Stix are made of yarn coated with wax. They are the perfect medium for creating just about anything! Wikki Stix stick to most flat surfaces and can easily be removed. They are great for “circling” sight words in big books, forming letters or creating characters to retell a story. Wikki Stix are recommended for ages 3 and up.

2. Finger Puppets

Finger puppets invite children to tell stories. Of course a book to go along with your puppet theme is always a winner too.  Kids love puppet play and using their imagination to make their stories come alive. 

3.  Crayon Rocks

These fun rocks are actually writing utensils.  Little ones will happily create and colour with these winning fun crayons.  I love the whole concept of them.


How cool are these?  The players link the cubes together and create a story to either orally tell or write down.  Many possibilities are available as the cubes are flipped and lined up in a different sequence.  These would be wonderful in a classroom setting.


Every child loves new utensils to write with.  Whether it be brand new crayons, markers, pens, coloured pencils, even paint and paint brushes... all formats are winners come Christmas morning.  Kids will be excited.  Be sure to include pads of paper, sticky notes, or colouring books for them to use too.

6.  Magazines

There are so many great children’s magazines on the market. You can pick up individual copies at local bookstores. Favorites of mine include High Five, Kids Discover and Your Big Backyard.  You can also include a gift certificate and get a full years subscription to a wonderful magazine.  Kids love the fact they come to your mailbox with their name on it.  They look forward each month to stories, games, puzzles and educational information to enjoy.

7. Bookmark collection

Once children get reading and into books you can start them on a bookmark collection.  It's fun to find bookmarks that define them as a person, or books they love to read, or animals they adore, or just funny sayings and quotes.  They are great to purchase while you are travelling and once started on the collection the sky is the limit.  Bookmarks are reasonably priced and easy to store.  

8. Library Card

This is probably my most favorite stocking stuffer and it’s FREE {in most communities }. Get your child their very own library card. Check your local library for age requirement rules.  After Christmas please make a stop at your local library to allow your child to try out their awesome present.  The holiday season is the perfect time to read loads of books that are offered free from your library.  

I hope this helps out a bit with your Christmas gift giving.  Have a wonderful day everyone.

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