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The Hand-Me-Down-Doll : a bookwrap

Hand-me-downs.  Know anything about them?  According to the dictionary...

a "hand-me-down" is:

a noun
plural noun: hand-me-downs
  1. ~ a garment or other item that has been passed on from another person ~

    Unwrapping today's book....

    "The Hand-Me-Down Doll"

    Authored by Steve Kroll
    Illustrated by Dan Andreasen

    Ages 4-8
    Kindergarten - Grade 3

    Unwrapping some stunning illustrations for you ... they are beautiful

    About the book...

    First off let me say that the illustrations are truly gorgeous.  They are vintage style and the colour pallet takes you back to days-gone-by. They are like portraits full of wondrous detail and expression. Wow! The book is worth the purchase just for the illustrations alone.  But I do digress. 

    Glenda, a poor little rich girl, has everything she can ask for and more.  She is poor in the sense that she values nothing and her sense of gratitude is non-existent.  The more she has the more she wants.  

    On her 6th birthday her parents buy her a beautiful doll with long dark curls, a velvet coat and with a strong longing to be loved and to have her own name.  Glenda barely acknowledged her present and sticks her up on a shelf among the other toys she has abandoned there.  Her mother tries to interest her in the doll and asks, "What will you name her?"  "Oh nothing." is Glenda's reply.

    Time passes and her mother discovers the doll stuck on the shelf, sadly neglected by her daughter, so she asks if perhaps the doll should be given away.  Glenda agrees because she couldn't care a less about the doll's feelings and well-being. 

    Farmer John stops by to deliver eggs and is asked if he might like to take the doll along with him.  Although he and his wife have no children he agrees and throws the broken-hearted doll into the back of his cart and drives home.

    The sorrowful doll once again is ignored by the Farmer and his wife as they are busy with their own lives and have no time for her.  They decide to take her to the fall country fair where they sell produce every year.  They use the nameless beauty as a decoration at a their stall.  A grumpy old lady stops by and offers them money for her and they agree to the sell. The doll through circumstances that she could not control is passed to a chauffeur, a waiter, and to a dirty-faced little boy.  The scruffy boy is desperate for money and sells the doll for a pittance to a little girl who happily takes the doll to her home.

    Her meagre home lacks all the material things of the rich but the little girl's heart is pure gold.  She greatly loves the doll, hugs her and constantly plays with her and gives her a splendid name.  Both hearts are filled with the other's love and affection and happiness reigns over both.  Kaylee has found a loving home at last! 

    The book was originally published in 1983 and the nostalgic oil-painted illustrations on shellacked Bristol board are just stunning.  
    I highly, highly recommend this book.

    Storywraps rating... 5 HUGS PLUS !!!!!...

    About the author...

    Author Steven Kroll is the author of more than eighty popular children’s books, including The Biggest Pumpkin Ever and That Makes Me Mad! He lived with his wife, Kathleen Beckett, in an apartment in New York City that would be just the right size for a dog if the two of them didn’t travel so much.

    He spoke at schools and conferences all over the world. Steven Kroll passed away on March 8, 2011 following complications from surgery. 

    About the illustrator...

    Dan Andreasen is the illustrator of numerous picture books, including By the Dawn’s Early Light: The Story of the Star-Spangled Banner by Steven Kroll, which was named an ABA Kids’ Pick of the Lists and a Notable Children’s Trade Book in the Field of Social Studies; A Quiet Place by Douglas Wood; and Sailor Boy Jig by Margaret Wise Brown. He has also authored several picture books, including With a Little Help from Daddy and A Special Day for Mommy. Dan lives with his family in Medina, Ohio.

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    Read on and read always!
    It's a wrap.

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