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"Cinderella and the Furry Slippers" - a bookwrap

How cool are these furry slippers? Very untraditional for Cinderella.  I want a pair....


"Cinderella and the Furry Slippers"

Authored by David Cali
Illustrated by Raphaëlle Barbanègre

Ages 3-7
Grade Level: PS-2

Unwrapping some fun illustations for you to enjoy...

About the book...

This is such a fun book.  A fractured fairytale always brings a smile   to faces.  This is a modern-day version of a classic. Cinderella is not swept away by the handsome prince to rule as Queen in his kingdom but takes matters into her own hands and crowns herself  Queen of her own destiny.  It's so great to read books where girl-power rules and girl's celebrate their unique identity.

The story starts out like the original tale but soon morphs into one where Cinderella drools over the Prince pictured in a magazine. She wants desperately to go to the ball and meet with him.  She calls up a very unconventional Fairy Godmother who magically dresses her, not in haute couture,  but in you've got to be kidding garb, for the elegant occasion.   Cinderella longs to live out her own fairytale dream but in this outfit? Oh my!  She seems to be all set according to her fashion designer. Her carriage is a turnip with a variety of weird animals pulling it along and the castle destination is nothing like she imagined.   She does manage to get to the ball furry slippers and all and finally ends up in the arms of the Prince.  Dear me!!!  Pictures can be deceiving and this guy is definitely NOT her type...ever!!!  Up-close and personal with him is not a pretty site to behold.  Reality sets in and she dismisses the until-death-do-us-part syndrome tout suite and makes her escape ....... she's a goner!!!   

She decides to take fate into her own hands and write her own happily-ever-after ending.  This tale of empowerment will inspire and encourage independent thinking in girls and cheer them on to be  exactly what they want their life to be. 

The illustrations are whimsical, humorous with extremely eye-popping colours.  The whole vibe of the book is over-the-top fun!  This book teaches girls a valuable life lesson... yes you can,  and I highly recommend it. 

Storywrap rating... 5 HUGS!!!!!

About the author...

DAVIDE CALI began his career in 1994 as a cartoon writer for the Italian magazine Linus. He began writing children's books in 2000, and since then he has published over twenty books for children, including his previous book with Raphaëlle Barbanègre: Snow White and the 77 Dwarfs. Cali has won a 2006 Bologna Ragazzi Special Award, the Switzerland Enfantaisies Prize, the 2005 Baobob Prize, the Belgium Libbylit Award, and France's SNCF award. His books have been published in France, Italy, Austria, the United States and Canada, and translations of his books have been published in eighteen countries. Davide lives in Genoa, Italy.

About the illustrator...

RAPHAËLLE BARBANÈGRE has written and illustrated many books for children, including La folle aventure de Doudou a Paris and Le petit garçon qui aimait le rose. She is also the illustrator of Snow White and the 77 Dwarfs and Super potamo, both written by Davide Cali. She lives in Montreal.

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