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"Max and Bird" - a bookwrap


Created by...

Companions to the New York Times and USA Today bestsellers Max the Brave! and Max at Night! 
Ages 2+

The Guardian - '...a story shot through with Vere’s trademark irreverent wit'

The New York Times - 'Max is an expressive huge-eyed black ball of kinetic kittenness who pops against each page’s bright, differently colored background. Kids will be tickled that they can distinguish a mouse and a monster while Max doesn’t, and — spoiler alert — the monster is more funny than scary.'
'will appeal to design-savvy parents'

The Sunday Times's - Children's book of the week - 'Elegantly designed - jokes that build - laugh out loud text'

The Huffington Post - 'Charming and funny'

The FT - 'One of those cherishable picture books designed to withstand repeat bedtime readings.'

The Independent - 'full of cat-appeal'

Publisher's Weekly - 'the punchy text and illustrations command attention'

Kirkus 'A cat-and-mouse game to be laughed at and reread.'

Books for Keeps - 'Ed Vere is the king of colour in contemporary picture books & Max the Brave is another showcase of delights.’

Some illustrations for you to ogle...

About the book...

This charming book is about Max, a kitten - and kittens chase birds and oftentimes have them as a tasty snack.  Then there's Bird, and Bird is, ...well, a bird,  who gets chased by kittens, and definitely  does not want to become a snack.  Thus the story begins. 

Bird has to explain to his feline friend about friendship.  He shares with Kitten that friends have fun together and should help each other.  He boldly asks if Kitten will teach him to fly.  Kitten has no clue as to how to grant that request so they both go off to the library to do research and find out.  They are convinced that libraries know everything, so of course that's exactly where they should go, right?  (I loved that line in the book best of all once having been a librarian myself! Yea!!!) 

They sequester themselves for weeks in a cozy, comfy chair surrounded by a mountain of books that they eagerly devour.  They read and read, packing info into their tiny brains then try to implement that knowledge into action. They flap,  and flap  and flap and flap their arms until a flapping frenzy occurs but flight doesn't. Bird does not experience liftoff. Finally they ditch the books and go seek out Pigeon for advice.  Pigeon has had wings-on experience  so he should be able to give accurate instructions as to how it's done properly.  He gladly contributes to their plight and helps out.  Then one day a miracle happens!!! SUCCESS!!!  Bird's goal is achieved but now will he become a lovely, tasty, juicy snack for Kitten?  Is that what true friends really do?  Can Kitten be trusted?

This heartwarming book is light-hearted and warm-hearted too.  The illustrations are extremely colourful, simple and kid-friendly.  The book's message is one of compassion, friendship and lending a helping hand to someone in need.  I highly recommend this book. This is book number three in the "Max" series.     

Storywraps rating... 5 + HUGS!!!!!

About the author/illustrator...

Ed Vere is an award-winning and New York Times bestselling writer & illustrator of picture books, including Max the Brave which was named one of The Sunday Times's '100 Modern Children's Classics'.
He studied fine art at Camberwell College of Art and has been writing and illustrating children's books since 1999. Ed's books are published all over the world. He is also a painter, working from his studio in east London, and is represented by galleries in London and Los Angeles.

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