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"Middle Bear" - a bookwrap

Being the middle bear can be challenging and often makes one feel insignificant and overlooked by the rest of the family.  Today's featured book lifts our little middle bear up and makes him a superhero in the eyes of everyone around him.  Enjoy...


"Middle Bear"

Authored by Susanna Isern
Illustrated by Manon Gauthier
Ages 3+

Unwrapping some sweet illustrations for you to enjoy...

About the book...

If you are a middle child then you will know exactly the feelings middle bear experiences as this tale is told.  He is the second of three brothers.  He is too young to hang out with his older brother and too young to do things with his baby brother.  Everything about his life, his activities and his sibling placement in the family is middle-sized.  He longs to feel special and noticed by the others around him.  

His father often goes out with his older brother to collect walnuts and almonds while his mother naps with his younger brother leaving him to read a book by himself.  He begins to feel depressed and sorry for himself.  However can he get himself noticed and rid himself of the middle-child-syndrome blues?  The tears he shed can not wash away his sadness and feelings of unworthiness.

One day his parents fall ill and urgently request that the three brothers go off on a mission to fetch them some willow tree bark to cure their maladies.  Nervous and apprehensive the three leave to go to the mountains to grant their parent's wishes.  The exciting turn of events is that the mission can only be completed by guess who??? Yes, middle bear!!!  He becomes the hero of the day and finally is celebrated and fussed over by everyone in his family.  Hurray for Middle Bear!!!

What a great book about family values and how important it is to make every child feel like they are number one.  The illustrations are truly unique and very kid-friendly.  I highly recommend this charming heartwarming story.  

Storywraps rating... 5 HUGS!!!!!

About the author...

Susanna Isern grew up surrounded by the Pyrenean mountains. At a young age, she liked to run all the way back and forth while discovering incredible insects and helping sick or endangered animals. It was at this time that some of these animals began to tell stories to the ear, which he wrote quickly in a notebook that always carried.

Nowadays, stories emerge in the most unexpected way: some knock on the door, others find them hidden under the bed or swimming in the café latte, although most appear as butterflies that catch the flight.

About the illustrator...

Montreal native Manon Gauthier is a self- taught illustrator and painter who studied graphic design and worked in that field for more than ten years.  In 2006, after experiencing the joy of illustrating her first children’s book, she decided to devote herself to books for young people. Since then, Gauthier has illustrated a dozen books for Canadian and European publishers.

She has won several important prizes and nominations for her work, among them, two nominations for the Governor General’s Literary Awards (illustration), Canada’s most prestigious annual literary prize. As a member of the Quebec illustrators’ association, Illustration Québec, Gauthier has participated in group exhibitions nationally and internationally.

She is also involved in a Quebec Ministry of Culture and Communications’ program called Culture in the School, which was designed to ensure that the cultural dimension is integrated into classroom and school activities, and to promote careers in the arts. She regularly leads art workshops for children at the preschool, elementary and secondary school levels.

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