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"You Know What?" - a bookwrap


"You Know What?" 

Authored by Carol Gordon Ekster
Illustrated by Nynke Mare Talsma

Ages 4+ 
Grade Level:  PS and up

In the Author's own words...

“I was on an airplane going to meet my newborn grandson when I heard the child in front of me say to his parents, “You know what?”. My fingers immediately started typing and the book became a bedtime conversation between Oliver and his mom. As many children do, Oliver tries to delay the final night-night with the repeated question. I want little ones to feel the joy of a shared reading and older children to imagine what Oliver might say on that final open-ended spread.”

Unwrapping the buzz..

“A truly sweet bedtime book to read with any child that has one more question, needs one more hug, or just one more sip of water before bed. Little Oliver has so much he wants to tell his mom before he goes to sleep and you know what? ….a great book to read to smaller children or to read as a call and response story with skilled earlier readers.”―Heather Lam, reviewer

"A sweet little story about wanting a few minutes more of connection to mommy.”―Bibliofiler

Some sweet illustrations for you to enjoy...

My take...

Every parent on the planet can relate to this story I'm sure.  The day is done, Mom's tired, it's time for bed, but little Oliver is wound up and still going strong.  His mantra at bedtime?  "You know what?"  

Now that he has his mother's full attention he starts unloading his day at her non-stop.   There are so many interesting topics to tell her about:  the things he read in books, what makes the toilet smelly, the discovery of hair up his nose as he
's brushing his teeth, an unmasking of an ant colony busy under his bed and his water experience of water up his nose in the pool that day,  just to name a few.

His very patient mother listens to all his worthy chit-chat and tenderly answers it all before it's lights out. Oliver is determined wanting to postpone that moment when his eyes will finally shut for the night so he doesn't give up.... he just keeps on talking.  Oh my!   He pitches his mother another question even as she is exiting the room after kissing and hugging him and saying goodnight.  Like the fabulous mother she is, one that has had enough, she gently closes the door on her little energizer bunny  and finally, finally, he drops off to sleep. Whew!!!

What a heartwarming story this is. It is one of unconditional love and caring.  Oliver is truly blessed to have such a wonderful mother who is interested in his questions and ideas and takes time to listen to him even though she is very exhausted herself.  This is a book that exposes the loving heart of a mother towards her little  unstoppable, adorable chatterbox.  

I loved the illustrations.  They stand alone telling the narrative but when married together with the text they complete a charming story to share at bedtime.

Storywraps rating... 5 HUGS!!!!!

"You know what?" That's a good rating. Thank you Storywraps.

About the author...

After 35 years of teaching, Carol is retired. She now works on her writing and book promotion full time and is excited that her writing gives her another way to communicate with children. Find out more at 


About the illustrator...

Since I was small I was always drawing and painting. My Grandfather and my father painted as a hobby (mostly oil paint), so I had all the materials within reach. In high school I had a teacher who encouraged me to go to the Art academy. So in 1994, I went to the Constantijn Huygens art academy in Kampen in the Netherlands. The first year I followed all disciplines. After that year I chose to study illustration, because I preferred to work on assignments rather than autonomous arts.

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