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Its party time in Canada! - a Canadawrap today

Canada has many talented artists and writers of kid's books and I am going to give you some excellent Canadian books to check out today on our very special Canada Day, July 1, 2017! 

*** 8 Best Canadian Books for Babies and Toddlers ***

Red is the Best

Kathy Stinson, Robin Baird Lewis, Annick Press

Much to her mother’s dismay, stubborn little girl insists on wearing red all the time.

Red stockings make her jump higher, and red mittens shape snowballs better!

Baby Beluga

Raffi, Ashley Wolff, Crown Publishers

The lyrics of Raffi’s 1980 hit song supply the text for this illustrated book, perfect for his littlest listeners. 

Night Cars

Teddy Jam, Eric Beddows, Groundwood Books

Wide-awake Baby and sleepy Daddy look out the window at the nighttime city life below, sweetly described in rhyming couplets. 

Sweetest of All

Jean Little and Marisol Sarrazin, Scholastic Canada

All the animals on the farm are having babies, and now there are sweet fuzzy ducklings and dear little kittens. 

Kitten's Spring

Eugenie Fernandes. Kid’s Can Press

In the first book of the Kitten series, Kitten ventures out into the farmyard to meet all the animals and their new babes. 

ABC of Canada

Kim Bellefontaine, Per-Henrick Gürth, Kids Can Press

C is for Calgary Stampede and S is for salmon swimming upstream.  Bright and colourful illustrations greet tiny readers as they flip through a very Canadian alphabet. 

Without You

Geneviève Coté, Kids Can Press

Two friends bicker and come up with a list of things they can do without each other, only to realize that things are much better when done together.

Little You

Richard Van Camp, Julie Flett, Orca Book Publishers

Lively draws of parents and their child accompany sweet text about the joy a new baby brings. 

Great Websites to check out more comprehensive lists are:


*  (one hundred Best Canadian Books for Children) 

** Most Famous Canadian Authors **

Margaret Avison

Poet Margaret Avison received accolades for two different poetry collections that received the honours of winning the Governor General’s Award.

Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen isn’t just an author but he’s also a musician, poet, songwriter, and artist. His most well-known published work is “Beautiful Losers.”

Douglas Coupland

Douglas Coupland’s 1991 book “Generation X: Tales for an Accelerated Culture” became an international bestseller.  He’s currently working on another novel, “Generation A,” as well as a biography of Canadian scholar Marshall McLuhan and a new TV show called “Extinction Event.”

Robert James Sawyer

Science-fiction writer Robert James Sawyer has penned 18 books, one of which, “Flash Forward,” was sold to ABC for a primetime drama. It’s amongst this fall’s line-up of new programs, and premieres on September 24th.

Michael Ondaatje

Born in Sri Lanka, Michael Ondaatje moved to and then became a Canadian citizen in the early ‘60s. His work “The English Patient” not only won the Booker Prize but it was also adapted into an Academy Award-winning movie.

Farley Mowat

Farley Mowat is known for authoring two types of work – gritty memoirs and children’s literature. His novel “Never Cry Wolf” was adapted into a big-screen flick, and the kid’s book “Lost in the Barrens” won the Governor General’s Award.

Alice Munro

Fiction writer Alice Munro has racked up three Governor General’s Awards and received the 2009 Man Booker International Prize for her literary work.

Robertson Davies

Robertson Davies wore a variety of “hats” – playwright, reporter, teacher, novelist – and in his 82 years, he earned a well-respected literary reputation with an incredible 23 honourary degrees as well as countless literature awards.

Margaret Atwood

Ottawa-born Margaret Atwood is the most well-known Canadian author, in Canada as well as south of the border. She wrote “The Edible Woman,” “The Blind Assassin,” which won the Booker Prize, and “Oryx and Crake.”

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