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"Dinosaur Pals - First Day Friends" - a bookwrap


Dinosaur Pals
"First Day Friends "

Authored by Pat Brigandi
Illustrated by Maine Diaz

Ages 4-7
Grade Level PS-2

Delightful illustrations to explore...

About the book...

Kids of all ages have a fascination with dinosaurs.  The Dinosaur Pals Series is perfect for young readers as it delivers friendly, happy characters and familiar scenarios for the reader to enjoy.

In "First Day Friends" the setting is the first day of Kindergarten.  Mrs. Gronk the teacher prepares her students for a brand new arrival named Kevin.  Kevin is delivered to the class by his dad who is disoriented and flustered because he got lost trying to find the school causing both he and his little boy to be late. Oh my!   Kevin has first day jitters big time!   He is shy and hesitant to enter into this unfamiliar and scary new environment.

The kids in the kindergarten room sense his apprehension and anxiety and take it upon themselves to welcome Kevin with friendly smiles and TLC.  They show him where to put his backpack, share activities with him and make him feel very special and part of the group.  Mrs. Gronk takes his favourite book that he points out from the reading shelf and reads it to the whole class.

A mishap occurs due to reckless running in the classroom (which is strictly prohibited by the way) and the whole class works together to clean up the mess enabling them to get on with their exciting  show and tell time.

Everyone takes a turn exhibiting what they brought in from home to share except Kevin who has nothing to contribute.  Did the class ridicule him or make him feel bad?  No way!  One new friend  suggests Kevin express his show and tell by telling them something.  Kevin happily rises to the occasion and asks everyone to guess the answer to a riddle.  The kids all cheer and laugh along with him making his new school, new friends, and first day at kindergarten a very successful one indeed!  Hurray!!!!

Storywraps Rating - 5 HUGS!!!!!

About the illustrator...

Born in La Plata, Argentina, Maine Diaz, grew up drawing and painting. She was often seen drawing with her pencils or crayons in deep concentration. Cartoons captured her imagination early on and realized immediately that she wants to be an animator when she grows up. Her mother, a biochemist and grandfather were truly flabbergasted upon hearing her declaration. At the age of 16 she took a workshop and start animating, working in films like Patoruzito, El Arca (Patagonik, Argentina), Gizaku and Nocturna (Filmax, Spain). Simultaneously, she enrolled in Audiovisual Communication at Universidad DeLa Plata (UNLP). Soon after, she also started illustrating for children’s story books and educational books. In 2002 with Crimsomnia Studio, she was a finalist at Ford’s “Saldras mas” publicity contest, with “Habitos noctunos” short. In 2005 she won first prize for the character design category of Bizpills (Hi Impatc Learning Experiences), España. 
Currently, Maine lives in a tiny green house where she spends time with her two cats, Chula and Lola. She loves tending her garden while Chula eats all the plants and Lola jumps and climbs the trees. Maine prefers to be barefoot while painting and singing in her studio. She is a pretty good cook and sweated several years near the oven and many pans. When not illustrating, she also enjoys swimming, writing, taking photos.

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