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"See you when I see you" - a bookwrap


"See you when I see you"

Authored by Rose Lagercrantz
Illustrated by Eva Ericsson

Ages 5-8
Country of origin:  Sweden

A stand-alone follow-up to
 the acclaimed and beloved chapter books that began with New York Times notable book "My Happy Life".  This is the fifth installment in the early chapter series featuring Dani.

Unwrapping some great b&w illustrations 

About the book

Dani, a second-grader, is about to start school.  She is a bit apprehensive because she will not have her "best friend in the whole world" with her, Ella.  Ella moved away.  She does feel some happiness because her beloved father, Gianna, has returned home after being hospitalized for the summer due to a car accident.  Another bright spot to focus on is the class trip every second grader gets to go on to the Skansen Zoo.  

Her teacher carefully goes over the rules of the trip and cautions the kids that if they get separated or lost from the rest of the class they are stay put until someone seeks them out. Dani finds herself accosted by two of her classmates who infer that she looks like the monkeys.  This tears at her heart and she runs away feeling oh so hurt by their cruel words.  

Separated from her group she miraculously discovers her best friend Ella is also at the zoo.  What are the chances of that? The two girls decide to sneak off and have an adventure all on their own. The heck with school protocol... their special friendship bond is more important than following old rules.  Right?  I don't think their teacher might agree with that decision so you? 

When Dani returns home Sadie, a nurse her dad fell in love with during his stay in the hospital, is invited to dinner.  Dani is not convinced she likes her all that much as the death of her mother is still raw in her psyche and she's not ready to move on to someone new.  

Can Dani's world ever have harmony and peace once again? Will she find the happiness she so longs for?   This wonderful story deals with family relationships, bullying, sprinkles of humour and a forever friendship.  These concepts are interwoven throughout the story making it a very interesting and relatable read.

The black and white illustrations add such a lovely richness to the beautifully written story.  The sentences are short with simple words so a confident beginning reader would be very comfortable reading it. It also would be a great to share together as a read-aloud.  I highly recommend this book and the others in the series.  

 Storywraps rating... 5 +++ HUGS!!!!

About the author

Rose Lagercrantz is a popular Swedish author of books for children as well as for adults. Her first book was published in 1973. She has received many of the top Swedish literary awards, including the August Prize and the Astrid Lindgren Prize

About the illustrator

Eva Eriksson is one of the best-loved illustrators in Sweden, whose awards include the Astrid Lindgren prize and the August award.

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