Wednesday, August 23, 2017

"The Backup Bunny" - a bookwrap

I know you will love this book and many kids (and parents) can relate to little Max's dilemma.  Perhaps this has happened right in your own family.  The illustrations are phenomenal.  Enjoy! 


"The Backup Bunny"

Authored by Abigail Rayner
Illustrated by Greg Stones

Ages 4-8

Amazing illustrations for you to peek at

About the book

Max has a very smart mom.  She has plan "B" waiting in her sock drawer just in case there is an emergency at bedtime.  You see Max loves his most favourite bedtime bunny and one night he can't locate it.  When Max lets out a desperate cry his mom quickly goes to her bedroom and brings him back a surrogate.  She has wisely stashed away an identical bunny named Fluffy for just a time as this.  She hands him over hoping everything will settle down now and Max will go to sleep.

At first Max is content and cuddles what he perceives to be his familiar stuffed bunny.  He soon realizes that Fluffy's ears are too new and perky!  Wait a minute!!!! This is not his old snuggle bunny that he loves so much. He has been duped.  He flings the poor guy across the floor and rejects him.  Poor Fluffy feels the pain of being spurned.  He wants so much to be a source of love and comfort for distraught, unhappy Max. 

Will Fluffy's destiny be to return to Mom's sock drawer forever and ever tucked away?  Is there any possible way that he can be accepted and loved by Max just like the old bunny?  

The illustrations are so endearing, full of expression and heart. I love the book and  I highly recommend this book.  

Storywraps Rating -  5 bunny Hugs!!!!!

About the author

Abigail Rayner was born in England where they have lots of history and rain. When she grew up, she became a reporter and moved to New York, where she was encouraged to write stories, but not the made-up kind. These days she lives in New Jersey, with her wonderful husband, two brilliant kids, and three terrible cats. 

About the illustrator

Greg Stones majored in studio art at Bates College, where he learned to paint photo-realistically, and was the cartoonist for the school paper. Two years after graduating, be began combining his pretty landscapes with his cartooning skills—adding penguins, zombies, and now bunnies to his work.  He is creator of the illustrated book Zombies Hate Stuff. Greg lives in Rhode Island.

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