Friday, September 8, 2017

"Happy Birthday" by Mamoru Suzuki

Birthdays are important milestones through the journey of life.  Today's book celebrates the birthday of a precious child by his adoring mother.  Enjoy!  


"Happy Birthday"
Created by Mamoru Suzuki

Ages 2+

Unwrapping some amazing illustrations for you

 About the book

This book is a love story from a mother's heart to her little son.  It tells of her anticipation of his arrival and the nurturing and love she bestows upon him as she watches him grow.  She tenderly nurses him at her breast and soon he becomes mobile, more independent and curious about his world around him.  He then takes flight as he seeks out his dreams and his destiny in life. 

She ends her beautiful narration by saying...

"It doesn't matter how far you go,
I will love you.

Unconditional love is always in her heart towards him and she has confidence in his happiness as he soars into the sky leaving her behind. The two cannot really be separated because their hearts will always be linked with a precious bond of love that can never be broken between the two. 

This is such a simple book but the message is profound and indelible.  The colour pallet chosen is warm and cozy inviting the reader to join in their lovefest. It enriches the uncomplicated text visually as the mother's very special and heartwarming story unfolds.  I highly recommend this book.  It would be a perfect book to give to a new mother as a gift as she welcomes her new child into the world. 

Storywraps Rating - 5 +++ HUGS!!!!!

About the author/illustrator


Mamoru Suzuki (1952–)  was born in Tokyo. He entered Tokyo University of the Arts to study ceramics, but withdrew without completing a degree. Thereafter he exercised his creative energies mainly through picture books and illustrations. His first published work as a picture-book artist was Boku no ōkina ki (My Big Tree), with a story by Masao Tsurumi, which came out in 1980. He won the Akaitori Award for Illustration in 1995 for his work on the series Kuroneko Sangorō (Sangorō, the Black Cat; text by Fumiko Takeshita). In 2006 he received the Kodansha Award for Picture Books for Boku no tori no su enikki (My Illustrated Diary of Birds’ Nests). After moving to the Izu Peninsula in 1986, he became fascinated by the many forms that birds’ nests take, and began studying and collecting them. His collection has since grown to some 230 varieties and over 550 specimens, and he has mounted exhibits all around the country that feature the nests together with his paintings. He has published many picture books and articles relating to nests, including Tori no su monogatari (Bird Nest Stories), Tori no su no hon (The Book of Birds’ Nests), Boku no tori no su korekushon (My Bird Nest Collection), and Tori no su kenkyū nōto (Bird Nest Field Notes).

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