Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Th Very Very Very Long Dog - a bookwrap


"The Very Very Very Long Dog'

Created by Julia Patton

Ages:  4-8 
Grade Level:  PS-4

Unwrapping some sweet illustrations

About the book

This delightful tale, with adorable Bartelby, a long, long, long dachshund, will be a hit with kids for sure.   He's lucky enough to live in an old bookstore surrounded by his most favourite things... his yummy bowl of food, his favourite books to read and friends who love him dearly.  Each morning his devoted friends come and take him out for a walk around town.  

Unbeknowsnt to Bartelby his backside is causing major havoc and chaos wherever he goes.  On his walk he causes a car crash, trips people, and walks through a construction worker's wet cement sidewalk just to name a few.  Oh my!   Bartelby growls vehemently and wants to go after that troublemaker whose causing all that destruction and mayhem.  He will get to the bottom of it.  Then Bartley discovers the culprit is no other than....HIMSELF!!!!  How can this be? 

Humiliated and embarassed, knowing now he has no control over his backend he runs back to the bookstore and vows never to leave there again.  He goes into isolation and won't budge.

His good friends who love him dearly are very upset that he is so sad and they browse through every book in the bookstore and finally.... EUREKA!!!!  they come up with a solution to his problem.  Yes, it's spot on perfect for Bartelby. 

The illustrations are whimsical and packed full of action and fun.  The story is about helping out a friend in need, acceptance of self and is a story with heart.  I highly recommend this book.

Storywraps Rating... 5 HUGS!!!!!


About the author/illustrator

"Blessed are those who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing " Pissarro 

I live and work in rural Northumberland and work from a rustic woodshed in a field. 

I'm an award-winning author and illustrator of over 35 picture books and non-fiction titles published internationally. 

With a BA (Hons) in Textile Design & Embroidery from Manchester Metropolitan University and an MA in Illustration from The University of Edinburgh, my work is a combination of collage, traditional drawing and digital media.

When not illustrating you will find me building tree houses, growing vegetables and hand making sketchbooks to fill with new stories, characters and adventures.

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Read on and read always!

It's a wrap.

Unwrapping my Dachshund "Eden" just for fun

I love her to death.  She's my little sausage girl.
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