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"Blue Round Earth" - a bookwrap


"Blue Round Earth"

Authored by Chun Young Lee
Illustrated by Sun Young Kwak

Ages 3-5
Grade Level  PS-2

Unwrapping some whimsical pictures to enjoy

 About the book

This book is both a celebration and an appreciation for our wonderful planet Earth.  The author dubs it, " a big house" for our land.  "We all live in harmony on the land."

He writes that there are a variety of lands, climates, inhabitants and activities that take place daily on this wonderful globe where we all reside.  The Earth gifts us with refreshing water, fresh air to breathe, warm sunlight, a variety of food, and exquisite beauty for us to take in.  He goes into further detail saying we are blessed to experience ice and snow in the North and South Pole, hot and humid temperatures in the tropical rainforest,  four seasons in the temperate regions, hot dry climates with sandstorms in the deserts, and the sprawling grasslands which receive sparse rain.

He explains about the Earth's water cycle and how the surrounding air allows all living things to breathe. "The air is like the Earth's clothes." "It traps the solar heat and prevents the heat from escaping into space.  That's why the Earth is not too hot and not too cold. That's why plants, animals, and people can live on Earth. The air protects the Earth."  He points out how it orbits the sun once a year creating the seasons.

Lee wraps up his story by stating that the Earth is teaming with living things: humans, animals and plants. He encourages all to be very grateful and commit to nurturing this beautiful planet that they  call home.

The illustrations are full of detail, action and vibrant colours.  They are sure to keep kids engaged from beginning to end. With all the wonderful detail kids will come back again and again to discover more of the illustrated hustle and bustle that takes place daily.  I found the book informative and definitely age-appropriate I would extend the age level to 7 or 8 as some of the concepts are a bit difficult to grasp as well as some vocabulary.  

The last page sums it up perfectly ... "Thank you, Earth!"  

May we all appreciate our magnificent Earth and commit to being good stewards of it and encourage others around us to do the same. 

Storywraps Rating - 4 HUGS!!!!

About the author and illustrator

Chun Young Lee is the author of The Car That Can Do Everything Quick and Fast, Would the Bread Pop?, A Very Special Toto’s Story, and The Sea Bream’s Wife with Great Integrity

Sun Young was awarded the gold prize at the West Coast Art Director’s Club, and her illustrations were published in American Illustration, the New York Times, the Boston Globe, and the San Francisco Opera.

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