Thursday, October 19, 2017

"Grandpa Max's Wurst" - a bookwrap


"Grandpa Max's Wurst"

Authored by ran Ju Kim
Illustrated by Dorian Tessman

Ages: 4-8
Grade Level: PS-3

Unwrapping some great illustrations for you to peek at

About the book

"Hallo!" What a pleasure to meet you." Hans, who lives in Germany, greets the reader as he begins his story.  He proudly expresses that he comes from a family who has been making sausages for generations and he is very proud to be part of that hardworking family.  

Han's Grandpa makes the best sausages around but alas business is slowing down and his customer's numbers are dwindling.  Han's father comments that perhaps they will have to close the store if this persists to which Grandpa responds, "We just need to take better care of our store."  But will Grandpa's idea make the customers materialize and will taking better care of the store take care of the problem?  

Han's dad goes into Munich on business because he, being a visionary, has a plan that just might keep the store up and running and better yet make their profits higher than ever before.  My goodness what could he be scheming?  Do you think his plan will come to fruition and the family can survive thus stabilizing their income and their very survival in the sausage-making industry?  

The illustrations are displays of colourful collages and full of delightful details and expressions. This book originates from Korea and does a fine job of defining German history and culture that young readers can understand.  The back of the book gives more detailed facts about Germany in more of a text-book style, propped up by actual photos.  This section would be a great help to young kids doing projects about that specific country.  I liked the book a lot and enjoyed the theme of a loving, caring family working together when times are tough and the message that endurance and determination can solve problems and bring about success.  

Storywraps Rating - 5 HUGS!!!!!

About the author and illustrator 

Ran Ju Kim studied creative writing in college and received The Korean Award for Hans Christian Andersen. She has written Hug Tight, I’m a Microbe Cook, and Two Violins. She has also written a script for the children’s animation Fantaru. 

Dorina Tessmann studied illustration in Berlin. She has published several books in Korea, including; Pelé—The King of Football, Lincoln—The President Who Freed the Slaves, and To My Worrisome Dolls.

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