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""Little Mouse's Sweet Treat" - a bookwrap

Have you got a sweet tooth?  Adore sweets and dainties and can't get enough of them?  Well today's book is about a cute little mouse who goes on a "sweet hunt" to find out what his friends may have to offer him in their "sweet department!"  Let's discover what little Mouse finds shall we?


"Little Mouse's Sweet Treat"

Authored by Shana Hollowell
Illustrated by Jennifer Finch

Ages:  Baby - 5
Grade Level- PS- 2

Unwrapping some illustrations for you

About the book

"Eek, Eek! said Mouse.
I want something sweet.
Maybe one of my friends
has a tasty treat."  

Thus begins the adventure of a little Mouse leaving his home and visiting his many friends in search of just the perfect sweet morsel that will satisfy his mousey tastebuds. 

Driven by his craving for sugar he says goodbye to his Mommy and off he goes to visit his friend bear first of all.  Bear greets him with a handful of honey which he is more than willing to share but alas his generosity is declined because little Mouse says honey is sticky and runny.  Next little Mouse scampers over to Bunny who has clover on her sugary menu.  Again little Mouse refuses her offering telling Bunny that clover is too lucky to eat.  Dog, Cat, Bird, Pony, and Cow are more than willing to share their dainties too with him but alas little Mousey's tastebuds are not tingling over their offers so he says no thank you to them too.

The poor little guy drags himself home exhausted and disappointed.   His Mommy sensing her little Mouse's defeated attitude, smiles and offers him something that turns his frown upside down and makes him squeal with a happy cry.  Hurray it's finally time for a sugar high!!!!!!  Thank you Mommy!!!!

"I love you Mommy. 
Eek, Eek!

This delightful book is written in rhyme and wee ones will fall in love with little Mouse.  The lovely illustrations are hand painted in watercolor and all the characters involved are simply charming. 

There is an element of education in the story also as children name and see the different animals in their natural surroundings.  Children learn what each animal considers to be a delectable sweet treat to them.  

The story teaches children about sharing and shows the strong bond of love between little Mouse and his beloved Mommy.  A tiny snail is embedded on each page for children to find as they follow little Mouse on his sweet-hunt journey.  I love the book and definitely would recommend it.

Storywrap Rating...  5 HUGS!!!!!

About the author

Shana Hollowell is a public health manager from Virginia. She has a Master's of Public Health in Health Care Management from Eastern Virginia Medical School and a Bachelor's of Science in Biology from Old Dominion University. She has a background in veterinary management and as a medical compliance officer. She has been published previously and provided technical editing in scientific journals. After the birth of her first baby, she became interested in writing children's books, particularly stories for toddlers and preschoolers. She lives in Suffolk, Virginia with her husband, two baby boys, four cats, 31 koi fish, and hundreds of bonsai trees. 

You can connect with her at, on Good Reads at, and on Facebook at

Meet the Illustrator

Jennifer L. Finch is a 38-year-old self-taught, mural artist that grew up in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  With no formal training, she spent most of her life painting and drawing her true passion... horses!  She owns a wall mural business called Jaden's Dreaming Tree.  She lives with her two daughters, Jeylah and Aryah, and husband Matt, on 5 acres in Windsor, Virginia.  

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