Tuesday, December 19, 2017

"Hedgehog" - a bookwrap

Today's book is amazing.  I am sure once you read it and see the spectacular illustrations you will want to buy a copy.  You can pick up one May 8, 2018.  My cousin stars in the book... he's going to be a famous hedgehog now.  Lucky him!  Enjoy...


"Hedge Hog!"
Created by Ashlyn Anstee

Ages:  3-7
Grade Level:  PS-2

Unwrapping some brilliant illustrations for you to enjoy

About the book

I truly love this book.  I took one look at the front cover picture and I was hooked before I even opened it.  

A crotchety, grumpy hedgehog thinks he has sole rights to live in the hedge.  He contently lives there all by himself with nobody to bug him. 

All the animals around him are scurrying and flying around trying to acquire adequate accommodation for their families. Winter is fast closing in and they need a warm, cozy place to reside for the cold season. 

The displaced homeless animals need shelter and they come ringing Hedgehog's doorbell to ask if he will be kind enough to share his hedge. He not only closes the door in their face after he shouts a resounding, "NO!" "THIS IS MY HEDGE!" but closes his heart to their desperate plight too.  Oh my!  What a mean guy! 

Grasshopper, on the other hand lives under the hedge and she has a totally different spirit and attitude about her.  Her kind and generous heart opens the door wide to invite those poor cold souls in and she gladly shares her living quarters no matter who comes knocking.  

Hedgehog gets so infuriated with the interruptions and audacity of the intruders that he starts making signs, locking up his premises, and building a fence to keep those unwanted strangers out and away from his peaceful abode.  His Grinchy heart is soon to learn a very valuable lesson in reciprocity.

He himself, after much out-of-control damage to his own hedge, finds he is in need of a new home. His fury has totally destroyed his hedge.  Feeling ashamed at his inexcusable behaviour he takes what belongings he can pack up and humbly heads under the hedge to ask grasshopper if he could possibly come and stay the winter with her and the other animals she has so graciously taken in.  Will grasshopper allow such an old Scrooge to join the others and live in community with them after how badly he behaved?  Has Hedgehog actually repented and seen the errors of his ways or is he only bluffing?  

This awesome story has such a positive message to share at any time of the year.  Hedgehog learns a very valuable lesson about kindness and generosity towards others.  I adore the illustrations.  They are so detailed and filled with activity and humour.  I highly, highly recommend this book.  

Storywrap Rating -  5+++ HUGS!!!!!

Meet the creator of the book

ASHLYN ANSTEE grew up in a rainy city in Canada and then settled in a sunny city in the United States. She works as a story artist at JibJab/StoryBots, and in her spare time, makes tiny things out of paper. She writes, draws, illustrates, animates and is the creator of the books No, No, Gnome! and Are We There, Yeti? Ashlyn has never hogged a hedge, but she does live by herself in Los Angeles, California.

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