Friday, December 15, 2017

"Where is Bear Going?" - a bookwrap


Authored by Mark Janssen
Illustrated by Suzanne Diederen

Ages:  18 months +
Grade Levels:  PS+

Unwrapping some sweet illustrations for you to enjoy

About the book

It all starts with Bear.  He is walking down a deserted path through the forest but where is he going?   A parade of inquisitive animals begin following their friend lured on by riddles such as:

"I'm going to see some sleepy little eyes!"  Squirrel joins him and together they add... " and some cute little ears!"   Along comes Fox who is happy to be there... "We are going to see a little pink nose!"  Oh look, Rabbit has joined the conga line... "We are going to see a teensy-weensy mouth!'  Curiosity almost kills Cat as to their destination so she feels that she must join the procession and find out where they are all headed... "We are going to see a soft little belly!"  Oh my goodness is there anybody else?  Yep, here comes smiling Goat. He falls in and strides along with the rest of the group too.  It's a party! But where are they all going?  Can you guess?  

Someone brand-new and beautiful has arrived in the forest and the friends are going to pay their respect and welcome that new baby  with kisses and an invitation to come play with them when he gets a tad bigger.  It's a party alright,  it's a welcome-to-the-world-baby party!   

This delightful book is about friendship, acceptance and extreme happiness when someone new is added to your circle of friends.  The illustrations are simply adorable and the colour pallet is soft, warm and inviting.  I love the book and highly recommend it.  

Storywraps Rating -  5 HUGS !!!!!

About the author

Mark Janssen (Eijsden 1974) studied at the Art Academy in Maastricht. After graduating in 1997 he established himself as a full time illustrator in Valkenburg a/d Geul, where he has a homestudio.
Mark makes illustrations for both childrensbooks and picturebooks. From his first children's book Mijn vriend de sjeik of Ulf Stark (Lemniscaat 1997) to 2018, he illustrated up to 450 children- and picturebooks for Dutch, Belgian and Chinese publishers. Many of his books have already found their way abroad and have been translated into over 10 languages.

In 2016 mark started succesfully a new oeuvre in his work; writing and drawing picturebooks. 'Nothing happened' was praised by the press. There was a follow up by 'Dino's don't exist' (2017) and 'Island' (2018).

About the illustrator

Suzanne Diederen (1974) was educated at the Academy of Visual Arts Maastricht. She specializes in illustrating children's and picture books. Books with her work have been translated into German, Swedish, Danish, French, English, Italian, Spanish and Korean. She is working on a new picture book for toddlers, at least if she does not do yoga or is having fun with her son Gilles and her daughter Sophie.

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