Thursday, January 18, 2018

"The Toad Who Loved Tea". - a bookwrap

"A cup of tea please!"  "Thank you so much!"  "Pinky up........mmmmmm....yummy!!!!"


"The Toad Who Loved Tea"
Authored by Fiaz Kermani

Ages: 7-11

Unwrapping some fun illustrations to take a peek at

About the book

This fun book is about a little frog named Tungtang who bravely hops off from Muddy River to a very scary destination...  into the local town!  Oh my!  She seems destined to leave her familiar surroundings and have an adventure that will totally change her life forever. 

As fate would have it she ends up in a unique tea shop and discovers exactly what she is created to do.  She falls toad-ily in love with tea!  

Tungtang causes havoc in the tea shop and the owners get scolded for mud on the tablecloths, tea that mysteriously disappears, and even missing dainties from their plates.  Now who do you think would be responsible for such antics I wonder?  

The owners, Lydia and Kamran uncover the mystery and after hearing Tungtang's passion for tea decide to use her talents and hire her to work in their shop.  Their decision to allow Tungtang to pass on her intuitive knowledge and her ardent love of tea to their customers brings everyone involved much happiness and satisfaction.  

The book encourages young readers ( and old ) to follow their dreams because yes, dreams do come true.  I like the fact that the tea shop owners are willing to patiently listen to Tungtang's story and accept her as she is... for her great instinctive talents.  The illustrations by Korey Scott are full of action, expression and humour.  

" Why, this is toad-ily tea-licious!" 

Storywraps Rating...  4 HUGS!!!!

About the author

In his free time, Faiz loves writing funny children's books, especially frog-themed ones. 

These include My Alien Penfriend, Golbo the Spider's Amazing Vacuum Cleaner Adventure, The Frog Who Loved Mathematics, The Frog in the Skyscraper, The Frog Who Was Blue and The Toad Who Loved Tea. 

His books have won awards in the US and UK and have been translated into French, German, Spanish and Russian. He is also involved in various literacy projects with schools.

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