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"The Night The Forest Came To Town" - a bookwrap


"The Night The Forest Came To Town"

Authored by Charles Ghigna
Illustrated by Annie Wilkinson

Ages:  3-10
Grade Level:  PS+
Publisher:  Orca Book Publishers
Pub. Date : October 9, 2018

Unwrapping some wonderful illustrations for you to enjoy

About the book

Written in perfect rhyme that is enriched by whimsical,vibrant illustrations, this book pulls the reader into the magic it is about to weave.  This obscure little town is hemmed in with concrete and inanimateness.  No greenery exists so it lacks the beauty of nature and lushness of plant life. Then it has a wonderful natural event awakening ...

One day from dusk to dawn a true miracle transpires.  A forest slowly makes its way into the lifeless town starting with the wind blowing a sudden rush of green that sprinkles seeds along the barren, gray sidewalks. 

Greenery takes root all along the streets and in the cracks of the dark pathways and even manifests itself on the rooftops of buildings.  

When the greenery has sprouted everywhere it signals the wildlife to follow because now the animals can have a place to reside.  An eagle flies in and builds its nest on top of a dilapidated worn-out fountain.  Chipmunks chatter as they approach the town, rabbits hop towards a new life, owls and birds swoop in to create nests that they can nestle high in the treetops. 

A boring, prison-grey city is set free as nature transforms it into a living, luxurious landscape which enables kids, adults and animals to celebrate that conversion with laughter and engagement as they appreciate the beauty of the cosmos that now surrounds them .  

Nature reclaimed this town and its residents will never be the same. I loved the book and highly recommend it.  

Storywraps Rating - 5 +++ HUGS!!!!!

Meet the Author

Charles Ghigna , or Father Goose®, lives in a treehouse in the middle of Alabama. He is the author of more than 100 award-winning books from Random House, Disney, Hyperion, Scholastic, Simon & Schuster, Time Inc., Abrams, Boyds Mills Press, Charlesbridge, Capstone, Orca and other publishers. He has served as poet-in-residence and chair of creative writing at the Alabama School of Fine Arts and as a nationally syndicated feature writer for Tribune Media Services. For more information, visit .

Now the illustrator 

Annie Wilkinson is a Canadian illustrator, the mother of two and the youngest of eight. She lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, with her two children and a neurotic cat. She also likes to play music and, even though her talents in both areas are questionable, softball and hockey. For more information, visit .

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