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"Steve Elci writes and performs music for kids - up there with Raffi, Laurie Berkner, Trout Fishing in America, Dan Zanes and They Might Be Giants... the lyrics and images are so buoyantly hooky that they appeal just as much to the older folks as the youngsters."  
-Rick Koster, The Day


Album title:  "Jump in the Puddles"

Available a iTunes, CDBaby and Steve Elci & Friends shows

Release Date:  July 13, 2018

With over a decade of performing for kids and families and lots of awards, independent singer/songwriter Steve Elci is pleased to offer  the fourth Steve Elci & Friends album, "JUMP IN THE PUDDLES", set for release July 13, 2018.

The album is a celebration of the traditional sounds of American roots music from the nation's heartland.  It is filled with irresistible tunes that are bursting at the seams with wide-eyed, joyful enthusiasm and crackling with a refined sense of style and good taste.  This is an album to bring kids and families together for a bit of singing, dancing, clapping, and, of course jumping! 

Reinforcing ideas of the simple pleasures of life, "Jump in the Puddles" weave a musical fabric that includes varicoloured threads spun from a find sampling of Americana - 60s music, 12-bar blues, country, and more - in performances of exceptionally high quality by singers and players who display a thorough understanding of the medium and a total mastery of their art, produced by a team that knows how to deliver.  

When recording the album, Steve Elci's mom developed cancer, leading to her untimely death and putting the brakes on production of the album for many months. After taking time for healing and a good deal of soul searching, Steve came to realize that his mother, his biggest music supporter, would want nothing more than for him to continue working on his recordings. Her passing inspired him to resume the project with a deeper commitment to reach for the stars. Jump in the Puddles was finally wrapped up after eighteen months and bears a dedication in loving memory to Mary Elci.

About Steve

Charisma, leadership and compassion best describe Steve Elci.  A musician and activist for 35 years, Steve's love for catchy hooks and his soaring vocal style have won acclaim from fans and critics alike, including an Emmy nomination for his 2013 - 2014 children's web series, Kidsploration.   Steve is just as thrilled to entertain local fans in Connecticut as he is when performing as far afield as Franklin, Tennessee's Pilgrimage Festival, where last year he shared the bill with Justin Timberlake and Eddie Vedder. 

 In His Own Words

"I realized I loved these songs and writing kids' music.  It might have started as an accident - entertain the boys with songs.  Because, I thought I was a punk rocker for life, right?  But I went out and performed my kids' songs and felt happy and fulfilled as a musician and a writer - and it's been working ever since!"

Jump in the Puddle Track List
Run Time: 28 minutes

*Jump In The Puddles
*Teddy Bear
*Shine On
*Baby Get Up
*Hello Song
*This Three Chord Song

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