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"Sleep, Sheep!" - a bookwrap

It's sleep time... or is it? 


Sleep, Sheep!
Authored by Kerry Lyn Sparrow
Illustrated by Guillaume Perreault

*Ages: 4-7
*Grade Level: PS-2
*Publisher: Kids Can Press
*Pub. Date: October 2, 2018
*Language: English

Unwrapping some wonderful illustrations for you to peek at

About the book

This is the author's debut book and it is delightful.  Duncan likes the prep before bed... brushing his teeth with bubble gum toothpaste, changing into his jammies, cuddling with mom as she reads him his bedtime story but the thing he dislikes most?  He doesn't like to drift off to sleep.

He tries every trick in the book to keep the day going but his clever mom has a few tricks of her own to share.  Finally mom has had enough of his dawdling and stalling and she advises him to try counting sleep as that is a magic strategy that will work.

Duncan settles down under his covers and the sheep marathon begins.  When he gets to sheep #68 there's a problem.  This nervous, anxious little sheep can't get himself together to make that heroic leap over Duncan's bed to join the rest of the flock.  Oh my!  Sheep #68 needs a glass of water,  then needs to use the bathroom because of all the water he consumes, has the other sheep clear a pathway for his leap, thinks maybe using a step stool might be in order, or perhaps if he borrows Sheep #23's running shoes that may help him jump over the bed. Do these stalling tactics sound familiar?  Does Duncan find a solution to the hesitant sheep's dilemma and can Duncan finally settle down and float off to Dreamland?  

This fun book is full of humour and truth.  A lot of kids use exactly  the same tactics to avoid sleep at bedtime.  They will enjoy reading all about those pre-bedtime tricks and how Sheep #68 exhibits the same anti-sleep rebellion as Duncan does.  

The illustrations are extremely well done with a soft colour pallet and lots of expression, emotion, and wit.  This is a perfect, funny read-aloud for bedtime.  I highly recommend this book and I look forward to reading more of this talented author's creations.  

Storywraps Rating - 5 +++ HUGS!!!!!

Meet the author

Kerry is an elementary school teacher who lives on a farm in Antrim (blink and you'll miss it!) in the Ottawa Valley with her husband, Neil, their two young boys, Robert and Ole, and their dog, Lily. A city girl most of her life, she has grown to love muddy creeks, rogue cows and, yes, even John Deere tractors.
Sleep, Sheep! is Kerry's first published book. She wrote the first draft of it in 2011, when she was teaching an amazing group of grade-four students in Arnprior. The class, teacher included, would write for ten minutes a day about whatever topic inspired them in whichever form they chose. Between the poems, letters and newscasts the students came up with each day, Sleep, Sheep! was born.

Kerry's mom was the first to read Sleep, Sheep!, shortly before she passed away in 2014. Inspired by her mom's faith in her ability as a writer, Kerry decided to submit her manuscript to a publisher. On a cold winter day, ice-skating with the kids in the barn (yes, the barn!), she got an email from Kids Can Press that began a new adventure for her as a published author.

About the illustrator

Guillaume Perreault was born in Rimouski, Quebec, in 1985. After studying graphic design in Ottawa, he worked for a time as a designer before returning to his roots in illustrations. He now works primarily in children's books but also illustrates for a variety commercial and cultural clients. Also known as an author, he won the 2016 Pépite catégorie petits lecteurs at the Book fair in Montreuil and was nominated in the youth category for the Prix des libraires du Québec for his book Le facteur de l'espace.
Guillaume's work is often described as being precise and meticulous while showing life and great depth of character. He introduces us to lively worlds full of humor that will delight the young and the not-so-young.

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