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"Sloth at the Zoom" - a bookwrap

Here's our star character today.  Read and enjoy!  



by Helaine Becker and  illustrated by Orbie

* Ages:  3-6
* Grade Levels: Ps-2
* Publisher:  Owl Kid Books
* Pub. Date: August 15, 2018. 

Unwrapping some fun and wonderful illustrations for you

About the book

This delightful book will have both young and old reflecting on their own life-style.  A sloth is delivered to the Zoom and not to the Zzzzzoo where she was intended to be taken.  

 Once planted she discovers that every animal there is in a hurry and doesn't have time to engage with each other... barely time for a short greeting... them off they zoom again.  

“The monkeys climbed so fast they forgot to stop at the treetops. / And the parrots flew so fast their tails drew rainbows across the sky.

Resigning herself to a life of loneliness and despair Sloth sighs...

"No one here has any time."

To her utter amazement (and joy)  a tiny voice agrees with her.  Now who has the time to listen and respond to her lament?  A  Snail takes it upon itself to invite Sloth to share a snack and spend some time together. Sloth is overjoyed at the prospect of spending quality time together and perhaps (claws crossed) finding a friend in this fast-paced environment.  

Hallelujah!!!!  They are a match made in heaven and soon the other hurried and harried animals take note and want to join in on their peaceful and calm time-out sessions.   

The illustrations are very well done and make the text come alive.  The Sloth is a very endearing character. The message of the book is positive and necessary in today's busy world.  All of us,  both young and old get bogged down with the fast pace of life and we must remind ourselves what is important and take the time to stop and smell the roses as the old saying goes.  I highly recommend this inspiring book.  

Storywraps Rating - 5 ++ HUGS!!!!!

Meet the author

Helaine Becker has written over 70 books, including the #1 National bestseller, A Porcupine in a Pine Tree,and its sequel, Dashing through the Snow, Sloth at the Zoom, Dirk Daring, Secret Agent, the Looney Bay All-Stars chapter book series, non-fiction including Counting on Katherine, Worms for Breakfast and Zoobots (all Junior Library Guild Selections), Monster Science, You Can Read, Lines Bars and Circles, and Boredom Blasters, plus many picture books and young adult novels. She also writes for children’s magazines and for children's television. Her show Dr. Greenie's Mad Lab was a finalist at Junior in Cannes. 
She has won the Lane Anderson Award for Science Writing for Children twice,once for The Big Green Book of the Big Blue Sea and once for The Insecto-Files, and the Picture Book of the Year Award from the Canadian Booksellers Association for A Porcupine in a Pine Tree. She has also won three Silver Birch awards and a Red Cedar award.

Helaine Becker holds U.S. and Canadian citizenship. She attended high school in New York, university in North Carolina (Go Blue Devils!!!!) and now lives in Toronto with her husband and dog, Ella. She has two really handsome sons.

About the illustrator

Orbie is Quebec Canadian author and illustrator. She works mostly in youth book, comics, press cartooning, poster and advertising.
She illustrated the books “The little pig, the bicycle, and the moon” (Library Prize 2015, 0-5 years) with Simon & Shuster, “Sloth at the zoom” with Owl kids books, and few other french kids books.
For several years, she has produced a monthly cartoon for the Graffici newspaper. She shares her passion for illustrating books and comics with school workshops and she loves it.

Since 2014, she has devoted herself to her baby factory (which often inspires her with a new comics on her French blog )

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