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"The Truth About Dinosaurs" - a bookwrap

Such a lovely collection of dinosaur eggs. The title is about dinosaurs right?  So why is a chicken included on the cover of today's book?  Very strange and weird....but is it really?  Not according to the chicken and here's why.  Enjoy! 


"The Truth About Dinosaurs"
Authored and illustrated by Guido van Genechten

* Ages:  5-7
* Grade Level:  1-2
* Publisher: Clavis 
* Pub. Date: August 11, 2018
* Language: English

Unwrapping some wonderful illustrations for you

About the book

The chicken included on the cover of the book is convinced that she is a descendant of dinosaurs and she has the proof right in her scrapbook. 

The narrator refers to Ms. Chicken as ... well as a...chicken and she gets terribly offended. She declares she is a dinosaur and proudly declares that she is not a mere chicken but a GALLUS GALLUS DOMESTICUS!  The narrator is not one bit convinced of that declaration so the indignant hen rushes off to get solid evidence and vindicate herself. 

She thumbs through her family heirloom photo album and points out to the reader the similarities found between the two.  She and the Velociraptors have the same feet, feathers and both cannot fly.  The Iguanodons lays eggs.... see?... just like she does.  

" The Stegosauruses are my favorite relatives.  Aren't they great? 
We look a lot alike, don't you think?
My grandpa told me that Stegosaurus loved to eat plants.
I wonder if they liked corn as much as I do!' 

After the book tour she struts off and climbs aboard a humongous egg.    

"I have an egg to hatch.
Maybe it will be a cute little Triceratops chicken.
Or a sweet Dipolodocus...
Wait a second...
Could it be...?"

Four weeks later she gets her answer... and it's not quite what she was expecting!   Oh my!!! SHE HAD BETTER RUN...............!

The illustrations are amazing and full of detail, emotion and activity.  Factual information is embedded into the story and "tickets" are attached to weigh in the poundage of each dinosaur featured. 

If your child is a dinosaur lover this book will be a winner.  A fun and informative book to add to your collection.  

Storywraps Rating - 5 HUGS!!!!!

Meet the talented author/ illustrator

Guido van Genechten (1957, Belgium) studied drawing and painting, graphics and photography. Afterwards he worked for many years in the graphic industry. Now Guido works as a fulltime illustrator of children's books. In 1998 he won the international Illustrator's Award City of Hasselt with his picture book Ricky. This prize was the beginning of his international career as a children's book illustrator. Since that moment, Guido van Genechten has created many best-sellingstories and received several awards. In 2007 he was the winner of the Reader's Digest Award for Best Children's Book Illustrator. And in the past ten years his books were published in 30 countries around the world.

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