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"Worry Says What?" - a bookwrap

Unwrapping some quotes about worry


"Worry Says What?"

by Allison Edwards
Illustrated by Ayesha L. Rubio 

* Ages:  5 -10
* Grade Levels:  K-5
* Format: Paperback
* Publisher: National Centre for Youth Issues
* Pub. Date: Sept. 4, 2018
* Language: English

From the author

Allison Edwards, author of the best-selling book Why Smart Kids Worry, gives a glimpse into the ways worry whispers to young minds, and offers a powerful tool all children can use to silence those fears. "Worry's songs tie my tummy up in knots, and the things he says make my heart beat very fast. Sometimes he speaks in a whisper, and other times his voice gets so loud I can't hear anything else." Worry and anxiety are currently the top mental health issues among children and teens. Children have a number of worries throughout childhood that will come and go. The problem is not with the worries themselves, but that children believe the worries to be true. With a relatable story and beautiful artwork, Worry Says What? will help children (and adults) flip their thinking when anxious thoughts begin and turn them into powerful reminders of all they are capable of accomplishing.

Unwrapping some wonderful illustrations for you

My Take

This important book is written by Allison Edwards, a Licensed Professional Counselor, whose specialty is working with families and children.  She is the author of the bestseller book "Why Smart Kids Worry". She takes us on a journey with a little girl who is plagued daily with a big hairy Monster called Worry which causes her anxiety and fear around everything she tries to do.   

"Worry's songs tie my tummy up in knots,
and the things he says make my heart beat very fast.
Sometimes he speaks in a whisper, and other times
his voice gets so loud I can't hear anything else."

Worry is constantly giving her negative feedback about her decisions thus blocking her from making friends... ("They don't like you"), from doing well on her math test ( "It's too hard!  You can't do it!  You'll never get it right!"), or performing a handspring in gymnastics ("You'll fall. Everyone will laugh at you. You're gonna get hurt!")  Oh my! Worry steals away her self-confidence and scares her so she doesn't even want to try!  Everything she attempts to do he blankets with negativity and a sense of failure and doom.   

She discovers her quality of life is driven by Worry and he is prohibiting her from having a happy, exciting life.  She realizes the power he has over her and makes a bold decision to take back authority over her fears.  She stands up and shouts, "I am DONE letting Worry be the boss of me!"  Yes!!!! 

The very next day she reclaims her emotions (and life) and tells Worry to take a hike because she's in charge now.  She starts filling herself with positive words and feelings and as she does she notices one beautiful thing...Worry begins to shrink smaller and smaller.  He realizes his power has been taken from him and decides and to move on to the next victim that he can terrorize and keep in bondage.  

Personifying her worry as an intruding monster who sets up camp in her mind and heart makes him very real and much easier to deal with.  The more she practises shunning and ignoring his constant yattering in her ear the easier it becomes to keep him at bay.  

The author wisely includes three strategies that parents and teachers can use to help children understand and conquer their own Worry.  This book should be included in classrooms and in school libraries. "Worry and anxiety are currently the top mental health issues among children and teens today. The problem is not with the worries themselves, but that children believe the worries to be true."  I highly recommend this book and wish I had had its wisdom growing up as I was dubbed a classic worrywart from a very early age. 

Storywraps Rating - 5 +++ HUGS!!!!!

Meet the author 

ALLISON EDWARDS is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Registered Play Therapist who specializes in working with children, adolescents, and their families. She received her undergraduate degree in Education from Northwest Missouri State and a graduate degree in Counseling from Vanderbilt University.
Before opening a private practice, Allison developed and maintained a play therapy program for at-risk and immigrant children in the public school system. In her current practice, she sees children of all ages, consults with parents, supervises counselors, and writes about childhood anxiety. She also serves as an Affiliate Professor at Vanderbilt University where she enjoys teaching future counselors how to work with kids.

About the illustrator

Ayesha L. Rubio was born in Madrid, Spain, one cold evening in February.

Like many other children, she loves to draw, but unfortunately for her family, any surface is an empty canvas for her…

Her grandfather teaches her to draw horses and to choose paper instead of furniture or walls, as a better material to draw on.

Years later, she studies Fine Arts at Complutense University in Madrid and finishes her degree with an scholarship in Leeds, England.

Afterwards, she specialises in illustration, at Serra I Abella’s art school in Barcelona and starts to work as an illustrator, collaborating with national and international publishers.

At the present, she has three books of her own, translated into varios languages. 

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