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"Brave Thumbelina" - a bookwrap

 Unwrapping the original just to take a peek

"Thumbelina" by Hans Christian Anderson 
First published in 1835

Unwrapping an incredible update

"Brave Thumbelina"
by An Leysen

* Age Range: 5-6 years
* Grade Level: K+
* Hardcover: 56 pages
* Publisher: Clavis
* Pub. Date: October 1, 2018
* Language: English

Unwrapping a few brilliant illustrations for your enjoyment

Unravelling the story

This book has the most beautiful illustrations, so beautiful in fact, that you could frame them and hang them on your wall.  

The story itself is a retelling of Hans Christian Anderson's classic fairytale, Thumbelina, which was first published in 1835.  A lonely woman desperately longs for a child and one day a good witch just happens to pass by her house and gives her a mysterious flower seed.  Finding this rather odd the woman goes ahead and plants the seed anyway.  She tenderly nurtures it to its fruition. 

 Low and behold when she looks closely at the flower that her plant  produces she can hardly believe her eyes. She witnesses two little eyes peeking through the petals.  Whatever can be happening?  She discovers a tiny little girl no bigger than her thumb tucked inside the bloom.  Overjoyed she gives gently and lovingly extracts her and gives her the name Thumbelina.   

One night while sleeping in a little box beside the woman's bed Thumbelina is kidnapped by an ugly toad who thinks the little girl would be a perfect match for her son.  Thumbelina is mortified.  She is then passed on to different abhorrent animals that too covet her to be their wife.  Poor wee thing, what is she to do? 

Thankfully Thumbelina is rescued time and time again by a variety of kind-hearted, compassionate animals that realize her plight and are willing to save her and transport her to safety.  Will Thumbelina ever find true happiness and a forever safe place to abide?  This charming magical fairytale with its magnificent illustrations will have kids once again mesmerized by the retelling of this classic tale originally told by a master storyteller long, long ago.  

Storywraps Rating - 5+++ HUGS!!!!!

Introducing the very creative author/illustator

An Leysen (1972) is married to visual artist Jef Faes. They have a daughter together, Louise (2004), who has art running through her veins too. After all, Louise already made some illustrations for both Tanneke de heksenprinses (‘Tanneke, the Princess of Witches’) and Prinses Dommelijntje (‘The Princess Who Could Not Sleep’). An Leysen works as a teacher in Turnhout (Belgium). She teaches ‘creation’ and ‘fashion drawing’. In her spare time she likes to – what else? – read and draw.

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