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"Seagull Sid and the Naughty Things His Seagulls Did! - a bookwrap

Ready, set, go.......... bombs away!  


Seagull Sid: and the Naughty Things His Seagulls Did! 

Authored by Dawn McMillan
Illustrated by Ross Kinnaird

* Ages:  6-10
* Grade Level:  1-5
* Paperback:  32 pages
* Publisher:  Dover Publications
* Pub. Date:  June 12, 2019
* Language:  English
* Bestselling Authors of "I Need a New Butt!"

Unwrapping some amazing illustrations for you to enjoy ( love them) 

Unwrapping the story

I love this story and I KNOW that kids will too.  

"We'll tell you the story of Seagull Sid,
and the naughty things his seagulls did
to reclaim what gulls had owned before
people came to the sandy shore!'  

Thus begins an hilarious tale of a flock of seagulls who hatch a plan, and execute it with great precision, upon invasive inconsiderate humans who  have totally decimated their lovely beachfront. 

"These people brought boats, and surf skis fantastic!
But they littered the beach with cans and plastic,
then lay on the sand, row upon row,
with tummies and bottoms up for show!" 

 Seagull Sid has had quite enough of their irreverent behaviour and one sunny Sunday he rallies his seagull troops and they stage an attack to get rid of those disrespectful humans once and for all.  You will be quite surprised (and delighted) at their weapons of choice. You will laugh-out loud as their messy air attacks escalate as they try to obliterate those inconsiderate human beings.  But will their plan actually work and drive those slovenly crowds away for good? 

This delightful book is written in rhyme. Both kids and adults will love it I'm sure.  The illustrations are truly amazing. They are full of humour, action and expression and make the text come alive.  I like the fact that Seagull Sid wears an eye patch and the human characters portrayed are spot-on perfect.  I highly recommend this book. 

Storywraps Rating - 5 +++ HUGS!!!!!

Meet the author

I live in an amazing place, on the Thames Coast of the Coromandel Peninsula in New Zealand. 
I work from a little studio in my back garden. I look out my studio window across the park to the beach. Many of my stories are about the sea, or about nature. We have the bush close by and I love to walk alongside the Waiomu Stream, right up to a grove of magnificent Kauri. 
But not all my stories come from nature. I keep a watch on what’s happening around me and I listen to what people say. Sometimes a joke can give me an idea. But most of my stories come from my own experience…the happy times, the sad times, and the special people I’ve known. 
You’ll see that I do a lot of readers for schools. I enjoy doing these. They’re like a story and a puzzle combined. The story is the most important part but there are lots of reading level challenges to get right too. The readers go all over the world, with some of them translated into other languages. 

Come and see us sometime. Bring your swimming gear and your fishing rods. If you let me know you’re coming I’ll make you some hokey-pokey biscuits.

About the illustrator

New Zealander Ross Kinnaird first began illustrating children’s books in 2002 with the popular Why Do Dogs Sniff Bottoms?, by Dawn McMillan, which won the Children’s Choice Award at the New Zealand Post Children’s Book Awards. He has since gone on to illustrate several books, including two written by William Taylor for the ‘Kiwi Bites’ series. Ross's funny presentations will have our kids in stitches. He will also work with art students in the High School. Ross' High School visit is being sponsored by FOFA and The Friends of the Library

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