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"A Warm Friendship" - a bookwrap


"A Warm Friendship"

Authored  by Ellen DeLange
Illustrated by Jaqueline Molnár

* Ages: 5-7
* Grade Level: PS-2
* Paperback: 32 pages
Publisher: Clavis
* Pub. Date:  October 1, 2019
* Language:  English

Unwrapping Some Lovely Illustrations

Unwrapping The Story

This charming winter tale spins the story of a little Squirrel who looks out from her nest through the big snowflakes in the forest and sees something that she has never seen before.  She discovers it's a Snowman.  He's all alone and he's shaking all over from the freezing cold.  

"Snowman looks up and whispers:  "Help me, please... I'm so cold."
Squirrel is startled and quickly runs back into the tree.
Snowman sobs for help, but there's no one else around who can hear him."  

Squirrel has a decision to make.  Will she help him or just leave him outside shivering and pleading for help?  Her compassionate heart comes up with a plan to save him from his anguish. 

She comes to his rescue by bringing him a warm scarf to wrap up in... but wait...she's not alone... the other forest animals arrive too bringing more scarves and even a warm snuggly blanket to wrap around him.  

Snowman is ever so grateful and he starts to smile because he now feels all cozy and warm.  From that day on Squirrel and Snowman become fast friends. All the other animals come out and join them as they play. They all have great times together.  

But as one season turns into the next so winter turns into spring and the sun gets higher in the sky.  The snow on the ground begins to melt and unfortunately so does the Snowman.  Oh my!  

Will this be his demise? Will Snowman disappear forever and not be Squirrel's friend anymore?  If that does happens how will she cope with the loss of her best friend? 

This heartwarming story deals with friendship, empathy, caring, nurturing and loss.  The detailed illustrations are sweet with rich vibrant colours that enrich the text. This book has so many components that can be shared and discussed and I highly recommend it. 

Storywraps Rating - 5 +++HUGS!!!!!

Meet The Author

Hello! I’m Ellen DeLange. I have been fascinated by picture books ever since I was a child growing up in the Netherlands. In the attic of my home I assembled a small library, and I shared my collection with friends and family. During my adult life I started travelling, and I extended my library with picture books from all over the world.
I have also always enjoyed inventing my own stories. Encouraged by my enthusiastic daughter, I decided to write my own picture book. While completing a doctorate in medical sciences, I wrote A Story with a Tail. This book was illustrated by Louise de Winter and was nominated for the Prize of the City of Hasselt.
After moving to Canada and completing another graduate degree, I wrote my second book: I Will Always Be Happy to See You, illustrated by Jenny Melihove. I’m very happy to have more time to write now.

About The Illustrator 

  Jacqueline Molnár was  born in Budapest and studied animation and graphic arts at universities and academies in Spain and the Netherlands. She has been working as a freelance children’s book illustrator for twenty years and has won several awards in Hungary and Spain. Jacqueline is fascinated by the diversity of colors, plants, animals, and humans in the world. She hopes that children’s books will contribute to making our world more peaceful and welcoming. Currently, she lives in Barcelona.

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