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"The Chalk Giraffe" - a bookwrap


"The Chalk Giraffe"

Authored by Kristy Paxton
Illustrated by Megan LΓΆtter

* Age Range:  4-7
* Grade Level:  PS - 1
* Hardcover:  32 pages
* Publisher: Capstone Editions
* Pub. Date:  Feb. 1, 2020
* Language:  English 

Unwrapping Some Great Illustrations for You to Enjoy

Unwrapping the Book

Give a creative little girl a box of coloured chalk and a blackboard and watch her imagination take over.  There is a touch of magic that happens in this story because after the little girl draws a giraffe it comes to life and starts a dialogue with her.  Now that is crazy exciting isn't it? 

Unfortunately the giraffe turns out to be whiny, complainy (is that even a word) and grumpy.  He is totally unhappy with....everything!  He demands a tree, some soft grass, animal friends and on and on and on.  The little girl complies with his wishes and then decides she's had enough and takes her shoe and wipes him away just like that. 

"Instead of saying thanks,
you make rude demands.
So goodbye, chalk Giraffe,
you've had your last chance!"
So I rubbed that giraffe right out with my shoe
And the stars, and the sun...
...and the tree that I grew." 

Feeling guilty about eradicating him she resurrects him the next day using her artistic drawing skills.  Giraffe grabs her chalk away from her and draws her into his inventive reality.  By doing so he turns her whole perspective about his quality of life around.  She starts seeing the world through his eyes.  Now she is able to understand why he wants and needs all the things he has asked for from her.  All those components that he demanded will make him much happier in his chalk-drawn world. 

This book is written in rhyme and sometimes the rhyming is awkward and doesn't flow quite right.  The illustration are vibrant, colourful and fantastic.  I like the positive message that being caring, kind and empathetic towards others is very important.  It would be a great tool to teach young kids about friendship, acceptance, managing emotions and teamwork.  I recommend this book to you.  

Storywraps Rating - 5 HUGS!!!!!

Meet the Author and the Illustrator

Kirsty Paxton is a children's book author living and working in Toronto, Canada, although originally hailing from South Africa. Her work is greatly inspired by her home country, drawing on African themes and tales to express her innermost stories. She has written and published Why is there a Hole in the Wall? with Book Dash, prior to her popular publication The Chalk Giraffe with Megan LΓΆtter. She is currently working on several more titles in similar vein.Megan Lotter is an illustrator from Cape Town, South Africa, whose whimsical picture book art celebrates African animals, stories, and themes.

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