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My Raccoon Family: Adventures in My Backyard - a bookwrap

Hello!   I'm a raccoon who is going to become a mommy very, very soon.  Where shall I birth my kits?  I need some place warm, cozy and safe. Mmmmmmm? 💡!!!  Let me tell you where I decided to create my nursery.


My Raccoon Family:  Adventures in My Backyard

Authored by Margaret Churchill

* Ages:  4-10
* Grade Level:  PS-5
* Paperback:  48 pages
* Publisher:  Page Turner, Press Media
* Pub. Date:  2018

Unwrapping Some Lovely Illustrations for You to Enjoy

The Book

This newly-edited book is a true-life adventure.  A mommy raccoon decides to birth her kits in a very odd place.  Being a wild animal you would suspect that she would have her babies outdoors surrounded by nature but she made a very unconventional choice and placed her nursery inside a suburban home basement.  Now that's very untraditional isn't it?  

The caring homeowner and her husband allow their unlikely tenants to live with them until the babies are old enough to leave and the family can strike out on its own and live in the wild.   The mommy is fed kitty kibble and fresh water which she ingests gratefully because feeding six little kits takes a lot of her mommy's milk and she needs plenty of energy to manage her growing litter. 

The humans gain much respect for the little raccoon family and a special bond of trust forms.  Although the landlords are sad to see the raccoon departure they fully understand that the babies need a more natural environment to learn the skills they will need to survive.   I love at the end when the human female says:  

"I send silent prayers that my raccoon family will live a fun and full life free from harm.  Raccoons can live up to ten years old.  Did you know that?  The mothers can have several litters too.  So I pray that they are protected always and that some day people will come to regard them with as much compassion and respect as I have.  

There is much we can learn from raccoons if we greet them as one of our family...our special wildlife family." 

I totally can identify with the author as I, myself, live beside a small creek and a greenbelt runs right behind my house.  I have had the privilege of raccoons stay indefinitely on my back porch, robins hatch their babies on my front porch light ( the pair come back year after year to that same nest to have more),  and a black squirrel who stays year-round births her litter of kittens under the porch each spring. I have even had an opossum once birth a litter of joeys. That was such a fun experience to witness.  I watched as she moved her babies, attached to her tail and back, check out of her nest and head  towards the creek. Her babies were dangling all over her and squeaking like little mice.  I too pray for the parents of those vulnerable little critters that they will grow up strong and keep safe.  I am happy to feed them water, bits of bread, fruit/veggies, or birdseed, and to provide them a safe haven to tend to their babies.  

The illustrations in the book are crisp, clear and enrich the heartwarming story.  I highly recommend this book.   It will spark conversations on tolerance, acceptance and having respect for creatures in the wild.  I really do appreciate and love the positive message of the book.  

Storywraps Rating - 5 +++ HUGS! 

Meet the Author 

Margaret Churchill is an Animal Reiki Master currently living in Ottawa, Canada along with her husband and three cats. Her company, “Heaven’s Touch” is active in the Animal Reiki Community and she has written articles from client sessions for the website, in California and had one of her articles published in Animal Reiki Tails, Vol III, 2008-2009. Nature and animals are her inspiration and passion. She enjoys gardening, horsebackriding, playing guitar and swimming.

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