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Over in a Stable - a bookwrap

A beautiful story to share...


Over In A Stable 

Authored by Suzanne Nelson
Illustrated by Aleksandar Zolotic

* Ages:  4-7
* Grades Level:  PS-2
* Board Book - 32 pages
* Publisher:  Zondervan; Brdbk edition
* Pub. Date: Oct. 6, 2020
* Language:  English 

Unwrapping Some Gorgeous Illustrations for You to Enjoy

The Book

This board book with it's stunning illustrations is written by award-winning author Suzanne Nelson.   It is a perfect read-aloud to share with your children regarding the Christmas nativity.  

"Over in a stable, though the hour was growing late,
grazed one mother sheep and her fleecy lambs eight.
"Give," said the mother.
"We give," said the eight.
And they gave their hay to make a bed to rest a King so great."   

This rhyming counting book features the cadence of the classic poem "Over in the Meadow."  It highlights gorgeous imagery:  the  humble stable where the baby is born,  the diverse people and animals that come to honour him, and heavenly angels who hover over the scene to pay homage to this providential birth.   It is a glorious celebration of the miracle that took place that night in little town of Bethlehem.  

The book features numbers 1-10 for those learning their numbers for the first time or those reviewing them if need be.  The cover shines with glitter accents making it a perfect Christmas gift.  I highly recommend  "Over in a Stable." It is a beautiful addition to your Christmas collection.  

Storywraps Rating- 5 +++ HUGS! 

Meet the Author

When she was in kindergarten, Suzanne Nelson jotted down in a school keepsake album that she wanted to be a “riter.”  Though she clearly had issues with spelling, she persisted, composing cryptic poems about rainbows, fairies, mud, and even Star Wars in spiral notebooks all through elementary school.  When she was seventeen, she filled four journals with her handwritten first novel, titled “The Dream Keeper.”  To escape her chores, she often lied to her parents about what time her shift started at the local fast food joint so that she could spend an extra hour writing in the parking lot in her mom’s faded Buick. Her first published novel was The Sound of Munich, followed by Heart and Salsa, The Ghoul Next Door, Cake Pop Crush, You’re Bacon Me Crazy and Dead in the Water.  She is a shameless fan of “The Sound of Music,” Hershey’s kisses, Charlotte Bronte, and Jane Austen, and can often be caught daydreaming of romping about gothic castles in lovely Victorian gowns.  She was born in New Jersey, grew up in Southern California, attended college in Texas, and spent eight years as a children’s book editor in New York City.  After decades of searching for her geographic “promise land,” she now lives in Ridgefield, Connecticut, with her husband and three children. When she is not busy playing the part of chauffeur, chef not-so-extraordinaire, and “Mommy Craziest,” she can be found locked happily away in her office writing.

About the Illustrator

From early childhood, Aleksandar Zolotic used his vivid imagination to create amazing drawings, making everyday moments in his life look special. Years later, he studied at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, and he’s gone on to win numerous awards for his work. 
Nowdays he illustrates children's books and creates artwork for animated films. 
When not working on illustrations, he spends time drinking ice coffee with his wife and reading picture books to his daughter, while preventing his baby son from eating them. 

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