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March books to enjoy - various bookwraps from Clavis Publishing


SBN: 9781605375991

Every day Corey wears an orange cape. Even at bedtime. Even at school. The other children tease him about his unique style, but Corey doesn’t mind. After all, he wears his cape for a reason . . 

An inspiring book about courage, caring and the hero inside everyone. For superheroes ages 5 and up.

"A warmhearted conversation starter of a book." - Kirkus Reviews

ISBN: 9781605376356

Have you ever seen a real magician? A magician who can make himself invisible, change his shape, or walk on water? Take a good look around you in nature, because magicians might be closer than you think. In this book, you’ll meet incredible plants and animals: chameleons, butterflies, black panthers, mushrooms . . . And they can all do magic! 

The first book in the WOW series. Let the best animals and plants enchant you. For little biologists ages 5 years and up.

ISBN: 9781605376349

Meet the nicest wild animals of the savannah. Learn funny and interesting facts, followed by double pages of action-packed photographs and illustrations. Facts and fiction are combined in special cooperation with the World Wildlife Fund. Kids will love getting to know more about their favorite animals!

For animal lovers, ages 4 and up.

ISBN: 9781605375922

Albert’s parents think he’s perfect. Extraordinarily perfect. And his extraordinary feet are perfect too. Little Albert loves his enormous feet, until he gets older. By then, his big feet have become an extraordinary burden! But . . . maybe they can come in handy sometimes.

A funny and touching story about a sweet gorilla who is a little bit different. For unique children ages 4 and up.

ISBN: 9781605376271

For animals, mommies and daddies are very important. The nine animals you’ll learn about in this book are very caring parents! Discover the world of the emperor penguin, the fox, the orangutan, the clownfish, the American flamingo, the red kangaroo, the zebra finch, the wolf, and the yellow seahorse.

This is the second book in the Super Animals series, a beautifully illustrated nonfiction series about special animals. For little biologists ages 5 years and up.

ISBN: 9781605376295

The seventies. Astrobiologist Carl Sagan is looking for ways to get in contact with extraterrestrial life. When NASA sends satellites to the back of the solar system—and even further—Clark takes his chance: he launches all kinds of sounds and images from planet Earth into space. How did he do that? And where are they going to end up?

The third book in a series about scientific wonder. Dreaming, daring, thinking, and doing. For researchers ages 6 years and up.

ISBN: 9781605376202

Did the Easter Bunny come to visit? Of course! All the animal homes are filled with presents! From chocolate chickens to eggs, and chocolate cars to cakes. But can you find all the surprises?

A colorful and engaging Easter seek-and-find book. For young and old present-hunters ages 4 and up.


"A fun seek-and-find Easter book ideal for detail-oriented readers." - Kirkus Reviews

"This activity book will serve as an amusing Easter basket filler." - Publishers Weekly

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Remember to read to your child as much you can.  Snuggle up with a great book and talk together lots to calm their fears.   Offer hope and a pathway of light to assure them that things will improve and a new unmasked sense of normalcy will be returning to our world.  Enjoy your weekend and see you back here on Monday!  

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