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The Littlest Yak - a bookwrap


Gertie, the littlest yak of them all, wants to be BIG. But are there other ways to be 'big' inside?  The Littlest Yak by Lu Fraser and Kate Hindley (Simon & Schuster Children's Books).


The Littlest Yak: The Perfect Book to Snuggle Up with at Home!

Authored by Lu Fraser
Illustrated by Kate Hindley


* Ages:  3 +

* Grade Level:  PS-3

* Length:  32 pages

* Publisher: Simon and Schuster

* Pub. Date:  Sept. 3, 2020

* Language:  English


Hindley’s wintry art and characterful creatures shine in this heart-warming story’ The Bookseller (The Littlest Yak)

Unwrapping Some Illustrations for You

The Book

Gertie is a yak.  Gertie is little and Gertie feels very insignificant amongst the bigger, more seasoned yaks in her herd. 

"On the tip of the top of a mountain all snowy, where the ice-swirling, toe-curling blizzards were blowy, in a herd full of huddling yaks, big and small, lived Gertie . . . the littlest yak of them all."

She longs to be powerful, full of greatness and have BIGNESS inside of her. Her loving mother assures her that yaks come in all shapes and sizes and maybe one day little Gertie will be HUGE and tall.  She encourages her not to be in a rush to grow up.  The determined little yak takes it upon herself to hurry her BIGNESS process along.   Gertie feels discouraged as she fears she will never grow up.  Then one day something happens to totally change Gertie's life forever and make her feel self-confident in her abilities and feel like a SUPERHERO.  A challenge is presented to her that only a small yak can achieve and when Gertie accepts that challenge she discovers her true uniqueness and that she is perfect just the way she is. 

This inspiring message is heartwarming and it dispenses hope to those who lack self esteem in themselves.  The illustrations are fabulous. They are filled with adorable characters, lots of detail and action, and  strong emotion.  I love that the book is written in rhyme.  Kids love words that rhythmically flow from page to page and the author rhymes to perfection.  The book teaches little ones to celebrate themselves and who they were created to be.  I highly, highly recommend this book.  It is a winner!  

Storywraps Rating - 5 HUGS! 


Meet the Author

Lu Fraser is a hugely exciting new voice in children's picture books. She is based in Hampshire, where she lives with her husband and daughter, and writes in a shed in the garden. The Littlest Yak is her first book for children.  

About the Illustrator

Kate Hindley studied illustration at Falmouth College of Art, and went on to work for two years as a children's print designer at a studio in Northampton, whilst working freelance on children's books and greetings cards. She has now illustrated many much-loved picture books, including Oliver and Patch by Claire Freedman (author of the Aliens Love Underpants series) and the award-winning You Must Bring a Hat and the brilliantly funny Be More Bernard, both written by Simon Philip. Kate has also illustrated the popular children's fiction series, The Royal Rabbits of London by Santa Montefiore and Simon Sebag Montefiore. In 2019, Kate launched her adorable Treacle Street series lift-the-flap books, for which she both writes and illustrates. Kate lives in Bristol.

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