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A Crocodile in the Family - a bookwrap


A Crocodile in the Family

Authored by Kitty Black

Illustrated by Daron Parton 


* Ages:  4-8 years

* Grade Level:  PS-3

* Length:  32 pages

* Publisher:  Happy Fox Books

* Pub. Date:  September 7, 2021

* Language:  English

Unwrapping Some Illustrations for You

The Book 

" Deep in the Australian scrub lay a lonesome egg.

It was hard to see but easy to trip over.

A family of birds stared at the egg

And took it home." 


One day the egg cracks open and out pops a bright green crocodile.  Oh my who knew?  The family is thrilled at the new arrival.  They nurture Croccy carrying him around in their pocket and on wide-brimmed hats and sometimes they placed him in donut boxes. All the bush animals can't believe that the bird family would keep a crocodile around.  Why he may grow up and pose a threat to their very lives. 

As Croccy grows he becomes even more magnificent and endearing to the family. He opens up metal cans for the birdies with his sharp teeth, becomes their taxi as they cross the river, and is an excellent coat rack, just to name a few. Growing even bigger he discovers that he is proficient at playing hide and seek, playing cheeky tricks and taking the animals on exiting rides. 

The bush animals still question why the bird family keeps Croccy around.  Can you guess why?  The answer is perfect: "The family smiled.  "Because he belongs with us, and that's that."  

I love this positive, heartwarming book.  It highlights that families come in all forms and sizes.  It is a loving bedtime story to share with your little ones.  It's  affirming message is simple but very profound.  The cartoon-like illustrations are lively, humorous and fun.  I highly recommend this book. 

Storywraps Rating - 5 HUGS!


Meet the Author

Kitty Black is a children's author living in Perth, Western Australia. Kitty has a background in psychology and education, this taught her the importance of stories. She lives with her husband and two children who are excellent at providing both inspiration and noise, although rarely in equal amounts. A Crocodile in the Family is Kitty's first picture book to be published with Hachette Australia.

About the Illustrator

Award-winning New Zealand illustrator Daron Parton was born in the UK, married a Kiwi and moved to New Zealand in 1995. He has been working as an illustrator since 1990 and is also an illustration tutor at Auckland University of Technology. Daron's books include The Ultimate Survival Guide to Monsters Under Your Bed and A Crocodile in the Family.

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