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The Pepperstorm - a bookwrap


The Pepperstorm

Authored by Rafael Ordonez

Illustrated by Marisa Morea


* Ages:  3-7

* Grade Level:  PS-2

* Length:  44 pages

* Publisher:  nubeOCHO

* Pub. Date:  June 15, 2021

* Language: English

Editorial Reviews

There are a lot of bright colors and fun illustrations in this book, and the story is quite imaginative about why elephants could be scared of mice. There are definitely some pages sure to make children giggle (adult readers maybe not), such as when the mice get elephant excrement on them and the elephants sneezing up a storm and "the ground was covered in gooey snot"--YA Books Central

Humorous cartoon art with a 1960s aesthetic emphasizes size differences with scale and placement as the text explains that elephants “are always looking up” because they enjoy bird-watching and gazing at elevated scenery. This means they don’t look where they are going and run the risk of stomping on the poor mice...Kirkus

The Book     

This is a delightful story explaining why elephants are terrified of mice.  The jungle is home to many elephants and mice as well.  Elephants live happily and carefree and they eat and sleep whenever they choose. The mice on the other hand have a BIG problem... it's not hunger or sleep... it's the HUGE pachyderms' feet!  You see the elephants wander around aimlessly always looking up admiring the birds, the mountains, and the surrounding scenery.  They never look down and realize that they are endangering the mice population who they stomp upon and oftentimes spray with their disgusting poop.  Yewwwww!  Now that's a problem! 

The mice have had it with the elephant's selfish uncaring ways and they hatch a plan to irradiate the problem forever.  They call upon their cousins the bats to sprinkle the elephants with pepper and when the elephants continually sneeze they will look down and at long last notice the tiny mice and realize the danger they have been putting them in.  Will their clever plan work?  Will the mice finally get justice and live in safety and happiness too?  

The illustrations are hilarious and fun.  Kids always love "potty" events and the fact that the underdog, in this case the small undermice win! The story explains why elephants are fearful of mice to this very day.  I highly recommend this silly book which will have kids giggling and cheering the mice on to victory! 

Storywraps Rating - 5 HUGS!


Meet the Author

Rafael Ordonez Cuadrado is a poet, author of picture books, riddles, stories, plays and recipes. He has published scores of books: fairy tales, riddles, a comic, two plays, a book of tourism stories and more with some of the most prestigious Publishing Houses in Spain.

About the Illustrator

Marisa Morea is a children's books illustrator. After graduating in Creative Illustration at Eina School in Barcelona in 2009, she returned to Madrid to work as an art director in various advertising agencies while receiving her first illustration commissions, including various international publishers. In 2013 she decided to quit advertising to fully dedicate herself to illustration. Since then she has worked with publishers such as Simon and Schuster, Nosy Crow, SM or Penguin Random House.

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