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"I Love Winter, Dear Dragon!" - a bookwrap



I Love Winter, Dear Dragon!

- Dear Dragon Developing Reader (Level A)

Authored by Marla Conn

Illustrated by David Schimmell



 * Reading Age:  5-6 years

* Grade Level:  K-1

* Length:  23 pages

* Publisher:  Norwood House Pr. Publication

* Pub. Date: January 1, 2022

* Language:  English


"Join a young boy and his pet dragon on a number of seasonal adventures in this adaptation of Margaret Hillert’s “Dear Dragon” series for emerging readers. Straightforward story lines describe the duo enjoying the weather and activities of each season in short, repetitive sentences. Cartoon-style illustrations provide visual clues to the text; for instance, in I Love Spring, Dear Dragon! a sentence reads, “I see the puddles,” while the accompanying illustration shows the boy and dragon splashing in a puddle. Each title contains a picture glossary with words featured in the story, as well as a list of common sight words before the actual story begins. At the conclusion of each story, readers will not only find discussion questions, but also “Word Work”: activities designed to strengthen the literacy skills emphasized in each book."

Booklist, October 2021

Unwrapping Some Illustrations 

 My Take 

An unnamed boy and his beloved pet dragon enjoy a fun interactive winter's day. They bundle up and head outside to enjoy all the activities and adventure that old man winter has to offer. 

This is a perfect book for developing readers.  It consists of simple vocabulary and stunning illustrations that are bright, bold and colourful.  The reader feels like a participant as the two make a snowman, ride in a sled, build an igloo and have a glorious snowball fight with friends. How fun is that? 

The author includes a note to caregivers, a picture glossary, word work which is comprised of compound words, and activities which reveal the main components of a story... main characters, plot, and setting.  This educational book will be well received by that targeted age group.  I highly recommend it. 

Storywraps Rating - 5 HUGS!


Meet the Author

Marla Conn has been an educator and literacy specialist for over 30 years.  Witnessing the amazing moment when the "lightbulb goes on" as young children process print and learn how to read independently inspired a passion for creating books that support aspiring readers.  She has a strong belief that all children love stories and have a natural curiosity for books.  Maria enjoys reading, writing, playing with her 2 golden doodles and spending time with family and friends.  

About the Illustrator

David Schimmell served as a professional firefighter for 23 years before hanging up his boots and helmet to devote himself to working as an illustrator of children's books.  David has happily created illustrations for the Dear Dragon books as well as other artwork for educational and retail book projects.  Born and raised in Evansville, Indiana, he lives there today with his wife and family.  

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