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Album Details: "Just A Minute"

* For all ages, and especially for ages 0 - 7

* SRP: $10 album download. $15 CD

* Run time: 28 minutes

πŸ’œπŸ’œ "Just A Minute" will be available to purchase digitally via Bandcamp and available to stream on all streaming platforms. πŸ’œπŸ’œ

Editorial Reviews

“What if Seth Rogan decided to record children’s music? I have a feeling it would sound (and look) something like Jesse Jukebox (otherwise known as Jesse Friedberg).”

“All kinds of fun. Jesse sounds a bit like, and sings with the enthusiasm of Jack Black, which is a good thing in my book … The arrangements are snappy and sparse. I like this disc a lot.”

“Adults might even get more out of this kids’ album than the kids will. Killer stuff throughout.”
Midwest Record

In His Own Words

Just A Minute is a completely silly, and weird album, and I thrive on that. The weirdest thing about ‘weird’ is the stigma occasionally attached to it. Weird makes you unique! That’s why I have a song on the album called ‘Weird,” which I placed after a slew of goofy songs. It’s to remind kids that being ‘weird’ is not a negative; it’s a worthy attribute. The song wraps up with the observation, ‘it’s also ok to be normal, but what’s normal, anyway?’”

Watch Jesse's "One Minute Song" video HERE.

What’s It All About

With an outrageous sense of fun and an irrepressibly buoyant energy, Cleveland’s beloved family musician and “professional goofball,” Jesse Jukebox (a.k.a. Jesse Friedberg), is set to release his fourth kids’ album, Just A Minute, on September 2, 2022.

With influences ranging from Wilco and The Who to Daniel Johnson and Fountains of Wayne, Jesse Jukebox says listeners will understand his music if they think of all those performers getting together to form a kids’ band and then bringing on Weird Al Yankovic and Jack Black. Jesse is also quick to point out the enormous contributions made to both Just A Minute and his 2020 release, Awesome!, by Grammy-winning producer and multi-instrumentalist Dean Jones.

Equal parts rowdy and gentle, and replete with quirky, tongue-in-cheek humor, parodies, and head-banging jokes, Just A Minute is performed with an expertise that showcases Jesse Jukebox as a thoroughly trained musician and all-around educated and thoughtful human being who simply revels in having a blast.

The rocking, grungy “One Minute Song” kicks off the album by explaining the whole idea of the “one minute” song, in, you guessed it, just one minute. Tunes like “Monster Robot!” (where a misunderstood, monstrous robot tries to do everyday things like shopping for organic veggies and big and tall clothes) are what this album is about: super wacky fun! Just A Minute is packed to the gills with bits of absurdity in songs like “Groovy Kangaroo,” “Pizza Party!,” “Pierogi Polka,” “What’s Your Dance” (in four parts, each with a different dance style), and a well-crafted story-song trilogy relating the dramatic adventures of Jesse’s dog, Olive.

The same wry, artful humor is employed in tracks like “It’s OK To Not Be OK,” which assures kids that feelings like grief, anger, embarrassment, and anxiety are meaningful and, in fact, should sometimes be welcomed, and “Library,” which celebrates libraries as founts of awesomeness, providing endless hours of activities absolutely free of charge.

An album highlight, the catchy, Wilco-inspired “Help Our World Go ‘Round,” is an existential call for planetary survival, emphasizing that everything in our world, both natural and man-made, helps the planet exist.

Who is Jesse Jukebox?

Jesse Jukebox (a.k.a. Jesse Friedberg) is on a mission to inspire children and their parents to be creative, compassionate, free-thinking, and a bit smarter than he is (which is pretty darn smart). These days, Jesse goes about accomplishing this mission by writing and recording original children’s music. He also brings his music to children and adults alike through his amusing, thrilling, and interactive live shows.

Jesse is driven by all things awesome, including, but not limited to, rock and roll, the blues, Batman, electric guitars, silliness, funky bass lines, pizza, corny jokes, loud drums, banjos, outer space, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

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