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" Welcome, Dark" - a bookwrap



Welcome, Dark 

Authored by Charis St. Pierre

Illustrated by Rachel Wada


* Reading Age:  3-5 years

* Grade Level:  PS-K

* Hardcover:  32 pages

* Publisher:  Orca Book Publishers

* Pub. Date:  September 13, 2022

* ISBN-10:  1459831314

* ISBN-13:  978-1459831315

* Language:  English

"In this poetic picture book, young readers are invited to explore the sounds of nighttime and find comfort in them instead of fear."

Editorial Reviews

“A beautifully and sweetly written story...Parents and children alike will reach for this comforting bedtime story that is set to become a classic.” ― CM: Canadian Review of Materials

Unwrapping Some Illustrations 

The Book

This is a wonderful rhyming bedtime story for a little one.  A loving mother is tucking her child into bed with the assurance that as sleep descends the night still progresses with sounds, animals waking up, leaves blowing in the wind, and crops being watered, just to name a few.  

The book explains to young readers the importance of the night activities and that they shouldn't be feared but be welcomed. The wild and incessant busyness is very important and necessary.  Children are invited to embrace everything that is exciting and mysterious about the night world and not be afraid. 

The illustrations are beautiful.  The illustrator won the Elizabeth Mark-Cleaver Canadian Picture Book Award in 2019 and the Freeman Book Award for Children's Literature on East and Southeast Asia.  They marry perfectly with the storyline and invite children  into the story.  Children are reassured that they can lay down in perfect peace because despite the activity and sounds that occur during the night they are safely tucked into their own beds and calm belongs to them.   

 I love the book and highly recommend it.  


Storywraps Rating - 5 HUGS! 


Meet the Author

Charis St. Pierre grew up in British Columbia surrounded by blackberries and cedar trees. She is a parent of young children and a graduate student focused on environmental issues in children’s literature. Charis is fascinated by how picture books depict the natural world, and the sorts of relationships they invite children to form with the environments around them. She lives in Edmonton with her family.

About the Illustrator

Rachel Wada's work is defined by heavy texture, bold color and intricate details that capture the nuances of people, places and ideas, real and surreal. Rachel's identity as Japanese-Cantonese, an immigrant and a woman informs her artistic practice. She loves to put her own spin on traditional techniques, motifs and symbolism inspired by her cultural background. This duality of old and new is also apparent in her use of both traditional and digital mediums, and she draws inspiration from a variety of sources, from Japanese woodblock prints, Chinese pottery and ceramics, food packaging design to traditional folk art. Rachel lives in Vancouver.

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