Tuesday, October 11, 2022

"Someday" - a bookwrap




by Stephanie Stansbie
illustrated by Frances Ives

"This heartwarming book, which features breathtaking illustrations, celebrates the special moments between parent and child through ordinary, everyday activities spent together."

Unwrapping Some Illustrations 

The Book

This sweet book highlights the precious moments that are spent between a parent and their little one as they share and appreciate life together.  

An adorable little cub wants to be just like Mommy and Mommy Bear tenderly assures her cub that someday that will surely come to be.  But for now they have many adventures to share together and memories to make before that will happen. 

" Like the roots of the tree,
your memories will keep you
strong as you grow
and blossom."  

The special tender bond between the two is inspiring and encouraging.  The illustrations are beautiful and the colour pallet chosen is soft, warm and gentle.  Little cub is taught a very valuable life lesson about enjoying every minute of today while listening attentively as Mother Bear also addresses how things will be in the future.  

This book is a perfect bedtime story shared with hugs and snuggles as it is being read.  I love the book and highly recommend it.  

Storywraps Rating - 5 HUGS! 


Meet the Author


Stephanie Stansbie has been a children’s books editor for more than 20 years, and an author for the last 10. She adores editing and writing in equal measure and has always worked on illustrated books, where the art is as important as the word. The books she has written have been translated into more than 15 different languages. Stephanie lives in Oxford and enjoys goofing around with her family and friends, and practicing capoeira. 

About the Illustrator

Frances Ives’ love of all things drawing started in childhood, when she dove into an obsession with poster paints and making a big mess on every available surface. This hasn’t changed much. She still works primarily in water-based media, but these days she mostly tries to keep it on the paper. Frances takes her inspiration from the structures and people that surround her, drawing from both observation and memory. Her most abiding source of inspiration is still the constant yet ever-changing sky, and all of its colors.

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