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"Enough..." - a bookwrap



Enough is...

by Jessica Whipple

Illustrator Nicole Wong


 * Reading Age:  6-8 years

* Grade Level:  K-3

* Length:  32 pages

* Publisher:  Tilbury House Publishers

* Pub. Date:  April 18, 2023

* ISBN-10:  0884489329

* ISBN-13:  978-0884489320

* Language:  English

Unwrapping Some Illustrations 

The Book

This is a lovely book that has gorgeous, rich illustrations.  It explains to kids the concept of "enough."  Enough means being content with what you have and sharing with others such things as food, clothing, and even friendships.  

"Enough" is Whipple's debut book and is very relatable to all readers... young and old alike.  

"More is so loud and pushy and Most beats down your door, but Enough whispers, 'I have all I need.'" 

Although a hard intangible concept the author has managed to explain it with ease.  This is a beautiful story and I recommend it should be included in classrooms and elementary school libraries.  I highly recommend this thoughtful heart-warming story.  

Storywraps Rating - 5 HUGS! 


Meet the Author

Jessica Whipple has a background in marketing and communications. She has worked as a copywriter and in communications for a Pennsylvania nonprofit. Now an SCBWI member, she has sold articles to Highlights and is a long-term contributor to Wildflowers: A Creative Magazine for Girls. She also writes poetry for children. She and her husband and two young daughters recently moved from Pittsburgh to Lancaster, PA. This is Jessica’s first children’s book.

About the Illustrator

Nicole Wong was raised by a designer/painter dad and a fashion illustrator mom and never thought of becoming anything except an illustrator. She has illustrated twenty-five children’s books with collage, egg tempera, oils, watercolor, ink, and other media, including Three Lost Seeds (Tilbury House, 2019) and I’ll Be the Water (Tilbury House, 2020). Her illustrations for Kiyoshi’s Walk (Lee and Low, 2021) earned starred reviews from Kirkus (“captivating”) and SLJ (“wonderful”).

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