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"Little Camel's Extraordinary Journey" - a bookwrap



Little Camel’s Extraordinary Journey 

by Vicky Feng


* Ages:  4-7

* Grade Level:  PS-2

* Length:  46 pages

* Publisher:  Independently Published 

* Pub. Date:  December 28, 2022

*ISBN-13:  979-8370071584

* Language:  English


★★★★★ "Lovely Christian book for children!" - Reader review

Unwrapping Some Illustrations 

The Book

Rusky is an adorable little camel who learns some valuable life lessons in this book.  He lives with his mother in Africa and one day he and his mom join a caravan that will cross the hot sandy desert with its unrelenting heat and danger to deliver goods to a remote village that is located very far away. 

Rusky, although tiny, is assigned to carry the children's toys.  The traversal is very difficult.  The caravan experiences harsh weather, difficult roads, and physical pain and poor Rusky becomes exhausted and wants to give up and return home. He realizes in his heart the importance of their mission and focuses on reaching his destination no matter what.  

"Little Camel's Extraordinary Journey" will teach little ones to: 

* Learn the importance of Unconditional Love & Care About Others

* Work Hard to Accomplish Their Goals

* Remain Kind, Resilient & Brave No Matter The Situation They Find Themselves In

* Sacrifice Their Entertainment & Help People In Need Without Complaining

I love this inspiring book.  It is a wonderful one to share with your little ones.  The positive message is what the world needs now.  It is a message of compassion, kindness, love and the amazing drive to take your eyes off of yourself and focus on the needs of others.  The illustrations are gorgeous.  I highly, highly recommend this book. 

Storywraps Rating - 5 HUGS! 


Meet the Author/Illustrator

Vicky Feng is a children’s book author seeking to entertain, inspire, and educate children through her fun stories. Since a young age, the author has been crafting stories that will accompany little readers in their everyday life. Vicky Feng enjoys working with children, learning from them, and finding ways to help them move forward with love and resilience.

Inspired by the braveness and dynamism of her favorite cartoon character, Mulan, the author finds great joy in exploring new possibilities and leading her life with optimism, kindness and impetus. When she is not working on a new kid’s story, Vicky enjoys spending time with her family and friends, exercising, traveling, and daydreaming, and as an always-evolving individual, the author never ceases to pursue her spiritual growth and development, working towards a better version of herself.

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