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" The Colourblind Kid" a bookwrap



The Colourblind Kid

by Tom Powell


* Reading Age:  5-8 years

* Grade Level:  1-3 

* Paperback:  32 pages 

* Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC-KDP Print US

* Pub. Date:  August 3, 2021

* ISBN-13:  979-8549124110

* Language:  English

Unwrapping Some Illustrations

The Book

This is an educational book informing kids of colourblindness, CVD.   Little Tim is so happy and excited to start off to school. His backpack is ready and he is pumped to go.  

Soon he gets embarrassed by the way he sees colours differently than his peers.  His classmates point out how he makes a race car brown and a lake purple making him feel ashamed and sad.  Finally he yells out..."I am colourblind ok" ? 

The story uses colours that someone who is colourblind might see and is quite informative of what that may be.  I was surprised to learn the large percentage of the population that is affected by CVD.  Wow!  

The cartoon-like illustrations are wonderful and "The Colourblind Kid" is a perfect way to explain to kids what colour blindness is.  I learned a lot myself.  I love the adorable main character.  The author has included a segment at the end to give more in depth information regarding CVD which is informative and interesting.  

This is an important book and I highly recommend it. 

Storywraps Rating - 5 HUGS! 


Meet the Author

I was born on 26th July 1993 in a place called Torquay, Devon, which is in England. I grew up there and could often be found playing football in the street in front of my house or messing around at the nearby beaches. It still remains my favourite place to be. 

My parents thought education was very important.  I had to read aloud every day and wasn't allowed to stop until it was read perfectly.  I became very good at reading aloud quickly, so I could get more time to play!  Later on, I trained to be a Primary School teacher and discovered I enjoyed entertaining children with poetry renditions, reading stories and even a few magic tricks.  

I now live in Shanghai, China as an international teacher with my wife Hannah and my daughter Liliana.  

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