Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Have a book birthday party

Running out of ideas for a fresh (and educational) birthday party for your child? Why not throw a "Book Bash Party." Have the kids come dressed as their favourite storybook character. Think of something outside of the box to use as an invitation such as a cool bookmark. You can have your info printed up for very little on the front and design it just for your child. You can also use ecards to invite your guests. Smilebox is a terrific way to send out your info. You can transplant your own personal pictures into the invite and the kids love it. You can even add music and other animated techniques to bring those cards alive. Hallmark.com also has many ecards to send and enjoy. Sit down with your child and have him/her type in the info that will be needed for the bash.

You can make the birhday cake out of different square cake pans, ice each square a different colour and pile them up like books in a stack or lop them over each other and then have fun designing the minute details of the books. (use your child's name as the author, titles etc.)

Each child could bring a storybook for the birthday child. This would be good because the kids would have to go out and see what was fun, age appropriate, and affordable to bring as a gift. There are many games, songs and sharing that can go on at Book Bash Party. Everything must be related to a book in some form or another. You yourself can select a few great stories to read to your guests and have prizes that theme the party. Loot bags? Of course could be, cool bookmarks, a little night light/flashlight for night reading, a list of great websites for the kids to visit when they get home, a list of local library programmes that are available for that age group, inexpensive little books to tuck into the package.....the sky is the limit. I always find that when I get on a roll or theme it is surprising what pops out at you as you are shopping or listening to someone talk, or catching a glimpse of something just perfect on t.v. Use your imagination. Use your child's most favourite book to theme the party. Silly poetry is always a hit...use poems and rhymes to liven up the bash. Have fun, encourage and inspire others to read, put the love of reading into your next birthday bash. Everyone will be a winner.

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