Friday, November 19, 2010

New Books about to be reviewed for Christmas!

Hang in there. I will be posting my reviews for December in a few days so be sure to drop by and take a peek. There are so many wonderful and exciting Christmas stories to share with your kids over this special season. Browse, buy, collect a thousand titles to spend precious time and engage in stories together. I love the Christmas season and look so forward to telling you about some of these wonderful stories that I have found. Be sure to always include books on your gift list and use books to decorate your home. Leave picture books on your coffee table, line them up your staircase, bundle them in a basket in the bathroom....stack them whereever people gather. Get, give, read, share, discuss, enjoy these rich and fantastic stories wrapped up in wonder and awe and in each others arms.

Keep books alive this season. CDs, video games, toys will all come and go but books will stay around long enough to be passed on to the next generation who will receive them with the same love and anticipation as this generation. Give the best....give books!

If you have found any Christmas books that you love please email me at "" and I will include them in my posts. Be a book Santa this year!
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