Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fun game while you wait

If you are waiting with your child for an appointment-doctor/dentist/lesson and you have forgotten to pack a book to share then just use your purse as a reading tool. Open up your purse and sort through it to find suitable things to talk about ie lipstick,(discuss textures, colours), labelling (gum pack, tick tacs), use of objects such as a pen, a cheque for bank, wallet (a person from Canada actually invented the zipper...yeah Canada!). This can be a real learning experience for both of you. It gives you can incentive to clean up the clutter in your purse and actually store things of importance in it and a true teaching lesson for your child. you can also show them your health card, driver's license, birth certificate and other plastics that are important to our world. Have fun and be amazed at your stash! lu en fonction :))
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