Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A brand new book review for the adult reader....

Title: An American Sage … Book One
Threads West

Author: Reid Lance Rosenthal

Reviewer: Marilyn Panton

I must admit that I was rather skeptical when I first picked up this book as I don’t normally enjoy this genre, but I soon ended up a convert. In his first novel, Reid Lance Rosenthal penned well-defined, believable characters and ably sprinkled romance throughout the story to add a bit of juiciness to the historical plot. His ability to paint word pictures is impeccable. His writing style draws you into these people’s struggles and destinies and makes you feel that you are watching a movie. His historical knowledge of the time period added to the richness of novel. Book one was like a drop of water that wets your appetite for the upcoming flood of sequels. Bring them on because I want to hear more and soon.
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