Saturday, February 26, 2011

Go online and poke around today

If you have a minute go online and see what is out there for kids books. There are some great deals. Ebay has some fantastic sales and you can even buy vintage books. Chapers, Amazon or Publishers of books such as Harper-Collins, or Penguin all boast of great kid books for sale. Be savvy, be smart,be economical. Books are all around you and you just need to tap into the vast resources available for you to pick and choose. The time will coming really soon for garage sale hunting. You can also get fabulous books at Winners and Value Village. Keep your eyes peeled for a vast variety of books to share and to give away. Be a book monster. Teach your kids to be book monsters. Collect your favourites and give, give, give away. Keep them moving through your family, school, church, neighbourhood and globally. There is always an opportunity for books. Go on- challenge yourself- books can make a difference in our world. Read on.
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