Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Child learning a new language in school?

I remember when my little guy was immersed in learning the French language. He was struggling so much with the vocabulary. What I did one night was to take some blank strips of bristol board and print French words on the strips all around the theme of our "dinner." I had the French word for plate, fork, knife, bread etc. We used those cards that night to label all the items and we had fun doing it. He learned all those words perfectly and we even played games with just the words after the meal. We shuffled the cards and I let him take the cards and place them on the correct items. We shuffled the card again and I put the cards on the items incorrectly and he had to "unmix" them and place them on the correct items. There were no drills, no sitting at the table and having him write them out, we played, we had fun and he got it. Labeling can be an easy and fun way to teach your kids new vocabulary. Take off the pressure and enjoy the wonderful world of words together. Read on.
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